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Baylor, Michigan State Postgame Quotes

Nov. 19, 2010

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#2 Baylor 78 - #25 Michigan State 52 - Nov. 19, 2010
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas) - Att.: 7,467


Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On what was so effective against Michigan State:
"I think there were several keys to the game. One, we didn't have but five turnovers in the first half. Secondly, they are a three-point shooting team and they had one three in the first half, four in the whole game. I needed to see a basketball team respond after a difficult loss and they did. I think we tried to do some things in the half court offense to feed the post at the right time, learn where the double team was coming in and where the guys are flying to Griner from. The perimeter play also energized the crowd."

On the importance of all the players being confident to shoot:
"It is important for the confidence of the basketball team. A lot of the things we do as a team goes through Griner, but that doesn't mean that Griner takes every shot. It means that everyone is going to get looks because of the attention she draws. You've got to step up and take the shot and we've got girls that make it and are confident in making it. I think I can't praise all of them but I've got to start with the point guards because they get all the criticism too. I have to tell you how pleased I am with Kimetria Hayden and Odyssey Sims. They are trying to do what I need them to do and understanding everyone's position and running a half-court offense, but sometimes I really want them to run more than they are. They're so conscious of not turning it over, they need to let go. They're quick, let's get it and let's go. They're doing a great job."

On bouncing back from the loss against UCONN:
"Losses irritate you, particularly when you have opportunities to do easy things to win it. What is so good is that it is so early in the season and it isn't the end of the year. We have other games to prepare for. Now what we can do is, tomorrow morning we can go back and watch film of the UCONN game and we will learn from that game. We haven't done that yet because we had to come and prepare for Michigan State. We've had five games in eight days. Now we can go back and do more teaching."

Guard Melissa Jones
On the effectiveness of the offense:
"Just like coach was saying, we started out great with our point guards doing well pressuring the ball and irritating the guards and we were able to cause a little havoc there. We got some steals and from there it was just a snowball effect."

Post Brittney Griner
On her ability during the first half:
"I felt like it wasn't really strong doubling on me during the first half so it allowed me to do a lot more without strong defense."

Michigan State Head Coach Suzy Merchant
On containing Brittney Griner:
"She is just impossible, probably, to contain. In order to put pressure on Baylor, you have to score the ball. And then some of the things you do defensively can bother them a little bit more, because there is more pressure on shots, and they force a little bit more on the offensive end to try to get it in to her. I was really disappointed in our turnovers, there was no reason for us to have the turnovers and give them the second chance opportunities that we did."

On how good Baylor actually is:
"I think they are really good. I think they are a national championship team. I know they didn't come away with a victory at UCONN, but that's a team who can score in bunches, they have little things like Melissa Jones, you can look at a Brittney Griner and she's tremendous. Odyssey Sims has been really shooting it well, but to me Melissa Jones is the reason why they are going to win a championship. I mean, she is just a tough nut. She does everything she can; she is the glue to that team. And they have enough of the pieces. They shoot it good enough where you just can't pack it in. I think they play hard, they are athletic. And I think they can win a championship."

On the play of Kalisha Keane:
"I told the team you have to learn from her, you know, she had the eye of the tiger and was ready to play this game. I thought everyone else came out with a little bit of the deer in the headlights. We got a spark out of Jasmine Thomas but you know, we can't come down here and beat the No. 2 team in the nation with one and a half scorers. We had four kids who played a lot of minutes for us, 72 minutes, who shot 0 for 17 and I felt like they were good shooters with good looks. That was a little disappointing because we had been doing a much better job scoring before this."

Guard Kalisha Keane
On the game:
"I think it's hard when we turn the ball over for, coach calls them touchdowns, scoring opportunity turnovers. Then offensively, we were just a little out of sync. When you don't have a rhythm offensively, and are reeling defensively, then it's hard to win the game."




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