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Women's Basketball

Baylor-California Postgame Quotes

Nov. 22, 2009

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Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On the win...
"You have to remember we're so young that it's hard for me to gauge if we really did well or not. The good part is we won. To take this team on the road two out of your three first games on the road against Tennessee in Knoxville and against Cal on their home floor is really throwing a lot at them. I thought that we did somethings better in the game than we did in Knoxville. I saw a lot of improvement from individual players."

On the defensive effort...
"I thought a particular area that needs to be talked about--we just held Cal to 49 points on their home floor. When all the things are all jumbled up offensively for a young team, the one thing you can always rely on is defense and these players are buying into it. They're active. They're in position to get rebounds and keeping Cal off the offensive boards. You're dealing with a player in Alexis Gray-Lawson, a fifth-year, All-American candidate, all Pac-10. It was just good to see 49 points on that scoreboard. I can now go back and work with them some more and really have them value the importance defense at this level. I don't care how good you are in high school, you don't have to play defense. They don't have to play it, and now they're learning that. So when you can go back and watch film and show them the value of defense, it makes it a lot more fun to coach kids that are talented on the offensive end."

On the Brittney Griner's presence around the basket...
"The stat that you're talking about--we don't have a stat for altered shots. We don't have a stat for a mindset of a kid. It's very obvious if you watch the game, the presence of a Brittney Griner in the paint. She has just been blessed with height and athleticism and I sure am glad she's on my team."

On freshman Shanay Washington...
"Such poise for a freshman in her first start. Shanay Washington coming off two ACL surgeries in high school. I thought she was as calm and cool out there and I told her so in the locker room after the game just how poised she was for a freshman. She was our leading scorer tonight. She took good shots and didn't have maybe one turnover. She is now getting better with her knee. She's not 100-percent yet, laterally."

On Washington getting the start at guard...
"Just searching for that fifth player. I feel pretty comfortable about the four that I've been starting and I just thought let's just give someone else the opportunity. Not anything that Terran Condrey did wrong, it's just that when you have two and three players a the wing position, you have to give them a shot to see how they're going to do on that big stage."

On the team's play overall...
"We're working on our defense. We understand that she's on our team. We're not trying to double her or triple her. We're trying to look at combinations and it's not a case of doing what Brittney is going to see. We've played three games and I don't know that I've ever coached a kid that has had as much attention throw at her defensively as Brittney Griner. And so when you start a game and you say, "Brittney, when you started you got the butterflies," I don't know if it's as much the butterflies as it is just as people all over her. You just work your way through it. And she does. Her teammates carry a lot of the load for her and she had some big time blocks for us and buckets, as well. As did all of them. I'm happy for Morghan Medlock. She's a California kid who never beat Cal when she was at USC. It was as important to Morghan Medlock as anyone and I'm happy for Morghan."



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