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Baylor, Yale Postgame Quotes

Nov. 22, 2011

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No. 1/1 Baylor 109, Yale 59
Ferrell Center – Waco, Texas
November 22, 2011 - Att. 7,681

Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On the slow start:
“I will accept responsibility for that. We didn’t practice yesterday and maybe I sent the wrong message. I thought it was important that the staff go to the memorial service in Stillwater. We just couldn’t get going and I thought it started on the defensive end. We weren’t in passing lanes like we were against Notre Dame. We weren’t pressuring the ball. I made a substitution and I was very proud of the five kids that came in the game, I thought that they did their job. They played with a lot more excitement and energy. Then we started pressing more there towards the end of the half and in the second half, just to get us going.”

On Brittney Griner’s performance:
“Well Brittney, she misses four shots the last game, she misses three this game. That is the way it should be. In my opinion, Brittney Griner should shoot 60 percent from the field. She is that dominant of a post player and she has taken good shots. She is playing without turning the ball over in a hurry. I got her off the floor so she wouldn’t get hurt. I took her out early, she only played 23 minutes. Don’t keep them out there long, the next three days are important in our preparation for Tennessee.”

On playing Tennessee:
“We don’t play them tomorrow. We will get in the film room and evaluate what we think we are going to see and evaluate what we need to do to win on the road and get ready for Sunday. We have got enough time now and enough days to focus. We are out of school, and we will get started early in the morning about 10.”

Baylor Post Brittney Griner
On running the press:
“We get steals and tipped balls off of it and we just want to keep doing it. I know I like being on the ball, it gets me going and gets me moving and active. It helps jump start me. ”

Baylor Guard Odyssey Sims
On being able to find open teammates:
“After coach took us out and put us back in, it just took a minute for us to get going. I thought our posts were playing really well. I was just finding the open player and running the offense and just creating opportunities for my teammates. They were open, getting to the ball, and finishing. I just take pride in giving them the ball and letting them finish because they feed off of me.”

Yale Head Coach Chris Gobrecht
Opening statement:
“At Yale we live in a really different world and so it is a neat thing for us as coaches and players to step into a place that is all about women’s basketball. It is just so different from the life that we all live. I think it was a good experience for all of our players, but I think we all wish that we had done a few things a little bit better. Don’t you always? I am happy that we are able to play people, and play that well.”

On the Yale’s matchups with Baylor:
“Physically we gave up inches and pounds in every single position. Physically it is tough, many times we were there and they still scored. You can only do what you can do, but I thought for the most part we did a pretty good job. I honestly thought that Brittney [Griner] was the difference in the game. You can look at the other times that they have been down, but a lot of that other stuff and scoring was not when the game was being decided. When the game was being decided, it was Brittney who decided the game. After that it was just kind of a free for all and people just playing. She is a talent, she is genuinely skilled and she was impressive.”

Yale Post Zenab Keita
On playing against Brittney Griner:
“I went into this game knowing that I had absolutely nothing to lose. Brittney is an amazing player. We watched film on her and she is great. Defensive player of the year and things like that, I just knew that you could not be scared, you couldn’t let down or she would attack. I was just like, ‘just play.’ This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Like coach said, we are student-athletes and basketball is just one aspect of our lives that helped us get into Yale, but we love basketball at the end of the day. And to be able to go up against someone like Brittney Griner was just like wow. We took full advantage of this and that’s what we went out there and did. Just play.”

Yale Guard Michelle Cashen
On the start of the game:
“That is what we wanted to do every time we open up a game. I think Zenab played awesome, and our guards played really, really well against their guards and I have nothing to complain about. If we play like that every game we play for 40 minutes, then we should win every game from here on out. Unfortunately we get into those bad stretches and we just need to find a way to stop the bleeding. I said at halftime, if we can play the remaining 20 minutes like we did those first 10 to 15 we have nothing to be ashamed of. I thought we came out and really went after them.”



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