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Women's Basketball

Baylor, SJSU Postgame Quotes

Dec. 3, 2013

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9/9 BAYLOR (7-0) 113, NR/NR SAN JOSÉ STATE (4-4) 73
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Tues., Dec. 3, 2013
Attendance: 5,916


Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the start of the game...
"I think we gave up entirely too many points. It's a little bit of both, not getting out at the three and not stopping dribble penetration. I thought that when you give up 38 points in the first half, I thought we did well in the second half. We hold them to about nine until we took out Odyssey Sims and a couple others and then we just let them start hitting and it became a track meet out there."

On Chardonae Fuqua'...
"I started looking at her yesterday at the four because she's an athlete and she can jump and she can keep things alive for you and she's not as confident in her ball handling. When you play the four you don't have to worry about ball handling as much and I thought she did a very good job."

On Odyssey Sims...
"Odyssey Sims can do it all. She's a point guard that can score if you need her to, she can pass if you need her to, she can defend if you need her to. She can play the two or the one. Not many players can do that and she can play for long periods of time. And she has an opportunity not to just break the assist record but probably break it by a big margin and it will be hard to ever break again. But she will tell you quickly she didn't come here to break records, she came here to win championships and she got that monkey off of her back and now she can just come out here and have a good senior year and play and lead our basketball team."

On what she got out of the game in preparation for Kentucky...
"I think the style of play tonight gave us a little bit of an indication of what to expect against Kentucky because [SJSU] plays like that. I am not sure I can play that many players Friday so you want to make sure in a game like this you get enough minutes for the players that will see extended minutes Friday but you also want to be able to give everyone an opportunity."

Senior G Odyssey Sims

On her confidence in Makenzie Robertson...
"I was very confident. I am confident in all my teammates. I told Makenzie just to keep shooting. She shot the ball very well tonight."

On being aware she broke the Baylor assists record...
"At some point, but after they announced it then I was aware."

On the meaningfulness of breaking records...
"It's really not that important, not to me. Like coach [Kim Mulkey] said, I came here to win championships and have a good senior year."

Senior G Makenzie Robertson

On her shooting...
"When the first one goes in you get a little more confidence and I have been struggling the past few games. I just knew I had to keep shooting and so I did. And I'll start making more."

On getting open for Odyssey Sims to pass to her...
"Odyssey is great. If you get open, she will get you the ball. Even if you don't think you're open, she will get you the ball. And Niya [Johnson] is the same way. They are both doing a great job finding an open player. And the fact that my teammates have confidence in me even when I'm struggling and they keep telling me to shoot it -- it's a great feeling."


Head Coach Jamie Craighead

On what they were trying to do early and being short-handed...

"Short-handed is us. It is going to be us for a while, but we have got to play through that. Really for me, it was about playing a team that we know can defend and score. I thought if we could maybe come out of the game scoring 70 to 80 points we could take something away from this game. They have only been giving up about 49 a game. Then defensively, we have to box out -- for us that was a goal. We obviously didn't do a very good job with that. They scored a lot of second chance points. Turnovers were pretty bad in the first half, but we settled down in the second half and that was a focus too."

On three-pointers being a part of SJSU's game plan...

"No, we just shoot a lot of threes. When you can make them, you shoot them. Sometimes when we can't we still shoot them. It was good they were going in today. We needed those points."

On defending Odyssey Sims...

"Does anyone really defend Odyssey? She has got to be the best point guard in the country and probably the best player in the country. It was fun to watch her a little bit. You catch yourself just watching her. I thought our kids did okay. The ball screen really hurts us more with their bigs. What can we do? She is going to get her points. I thought we did an okay job. I wish we had done a better job of boxing out. The second chances were really what killed us."

On what she can get out of a game like this...

"For [the SJSU players] I think it is really important for them to play in a basketball environment like this. To come where fans support when it is good times and bad times. To play in front of this many people in this kind of environment -- it is what you hope your kids would play in for the first round of an NCAA tournament. So for us that's hopefully the future of our program."

On the duo of Odyssey Sims and Niya Johnson in the back court...

"It is hard to get the ball out of their hands. They distribute really well. They run the court. I thought when they moved Odyssey over to the wing it allowed her to have some freedom from a live-ball stance. Having that back court, that combo, it's deadly."



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