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Baylor, Minnesota Postgame Quotes

Dec. 4, 2011

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No. 1 Baylor 89, Minnesota 60
Williams Arena - Minneapolis, Minn.
December 4, 2011

Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the game:
"I really don't think we played very well. ...I thought we turned the ball over way too many times and gave away too many gimme buckets. ...I just didn't see the same focuse that we are going to have to have to win a championship."

On her team's response to the No. 1 ranking:
"We are just getting started. ...It takes a long time to do what those traditional powers have done."

On Brittney Griner's play this year:
"Brittney is more mature and stronger. ...She can make everyone look good but at the same time, she's got a lot of good players around her."

Baylor Players

Brittney Griner

On her experience playing with the national team
"I think it helped me step up my game playing with bigger, smarter players."

On the team's progression:
"Well, we have to polish up our offense and defense and just get back into the flow of things."

On being double- or triple-teamed:
"I'm used to having two or three players on me. To me that's like a one-on-one now...but I just have to be patient and find my players."

On Minnesota's Rachel Banham:
"She did good and she's a great player."

Odyssey Sims

On what was working in the first half:
"I thought we did a great job defensively. They didn't score in the last three minutes of the half, so I think we did a good job there."

On the shot she kept hitting at the corner: "Those were just the shots I had open so I hit it." Minnesota Head Coach Pam Borton

Opening statement:
"What a great opportunity and a great challenge today. I think we were all very excited and pumped up to play Baylor today and I think it showed a lot in the second half. I think we calmed down in the second half and got more guard play, and settled down and got a good feel for how things were going. I was very pleased, not with the outcome, but with some of the stats we had during the game. We had three of our guards in double figures. We were able to force 16 turnovers for the game, 10 steals for our team, 20 offensive rebounds, and we were at the free throw line 20 times today. Those are all positive things, and I felt like if we were able to have that same attack mode in the first half offensively, we wouldn't have dug ourselves into as big of a hole in that first half. We can use this game as a measuring stick individually as players and as a team and continue getting better from here. It's going to be nice to be back home for a string of games."

On the slow start:
"I think in the first half, we missed 15 shots in the paint, which doesn't help. I think we were getting good shots. We talked about it at halftime as a staff. You take a look at what you're running as an offense, and you can see you're getting shots in the paint, getting shots in the lane, and we just needed to connect on those. We just had some untimely turnovers. I thought both teams got off to a slow start, which was a good thing for us, but we have to start off a little better offensively, make some more baskets to get ourselves into a rhythm at the start of the game. Same thing happened at Wake Forest. We got off to a slow start."

On not getting shots in the paint:
"I think it's been an issue we've had. An issue as far as finishing shots in the lane, finishing shots in the paint, our post players making lay-ups. I think that's something we continue to work on at practice, finishing in the lane. It's going to be something to focus on. I think our guards are doing a little better job, and we're moving in the right direction."

On Rachel Banham's play:
"I thought she did a great job. I had a little chat with her at halftime. I don't know if it helped her or hindered her, but as players I think they can use this and measure themselves and say, `What can I do against some of the best players in the country?' Odyssey Sims was guarding her the whole game, and I thought she really took it as a challenge. Rachel does a great job getting her own shots within what we're doing out there. I thought she looked great."

Minnesota Players

Rachel Banham

On facing the No. 1 team in the country:
"It showed a lot of what our team needs to work on. But overall it's going to help us get to where we need to be."

On how they view highly ranked opponents:
"It doesn't matter what they're ranked. We always need to compete."

On the second half:
"Coach said to me at second half that I needed to start making plays and to start playing like I am one of the best players out there. This helped me become more confident and I started hitting my shots."

Leah Cotton

On facing Baylor's team defense for the game:
"I need to learn how to hit open shots. I also need to have a variety of shots."

On Brittney Griner:
"It's fun to be challenged. I wouldn't say we were intimidated but that it was more fun to be challenge then anything."



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