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Baylor, Milwaukee Postgame Quotes

Dec. 8, 2011

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No. 1/1 Baylor 72, Milwaukee 41
Ferrell Center – Waco, Texas
December 8, 2011 - Att. 7,066

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the defensive effort of Odyssey Sims:
“Odyssey Sims has come to play in the last month. It is enjoyable to watch her. When we tip off, she is ready to play, and I can’t say that for a lot of them right now. I don’t know if it is because of finals, I don’t know if some of them are becoming complacent, and think that they are pretty darn good, and that we as a team are pretty darn good. But, I do not see that in Odyssey Sims, I see ‘I am ready to play coach,’ and she was again tonight. In fact, I thought there were only three players that came to play tonight and it is pretty obvious who they were.”

On how good this team is right now:
“All coaches think that their players are the best, but I truly believe that I am getting to coach the best point guard in the country and the best center in the country. I really believe that. And to think that one has a couple of years left, and the other has one year left, I don’t know if the public that watches them play realizes that there is none any better out there than Griner, and there is none out there any better than Odyssey Sims. That is not to say that there are not great players in this program. I have McDonald’s All Americans at other positions, but at their true positions, I don’t know that there is many times that you can say that in your career. I look at Nae-Nae (Kimetria Hayden) and I look at Jordan (Madden). Those kids are All-Americans coming out of high school, they are 0-for-9 tonight, but Nae-Nae is getting something that I have been trying to register in her head, and that is rebounding. Now in her mind she thinks that ‘I didn’t score it well’, and yet when the game is over she wants two more rebounds to get on the board in the locker room. That is telling me, ‘hey, coach, I am trying to do what you need me to do’. We have got to have that three-player, that perimeter player that is also a rebounder for us if we stand any chance at winning a championship.”

 Baylor Post Brittney Griner

On Odyssey Sims playing so well:
“I love to see O (Odyssey Sims) pick it off, and I don’t have to run down the court, and she just lays it up. It is exciting. Like coach always says, it does trickle down to us. If she is out there hustling, we don’t want to let our man break-up and relieve the pressure, so it makes us guard our people hard. It definitely helps spark us.”

On playing in Madison Square Garden:
“I am just glad to go back to play. Madison Square Garden is just an awesome experience. I remember from freshman year, I loved playing out on that court. I thought I was an NBA player out there for a minute.

 Baylor Guard Odyssey Sims

On how much Kim Mulkey pushes her to do well in practice and in games:
“She motivates me in practice when we don’t start off like we should. She always tells us it shouldn’t take us 30 minutes to start. That is where I step up, not only to try to get us going, but I know that coming into a game, she wants us to respond. That goes without saying. She shouldn’t have to tell us that ‘I want y’all to respond to me, I want y’all to respond to me’, and that is something that I take with me every time I step out on the court. Like she said, certain players are not coming to play, and she knows what she is going to get out of me and BG (Brittney Griner), but we also need those other three or four players to step up to. Like I said, I am just trying to respond, and just trying to give it everything I have got.”

  Head Coach Sandy Botham

On Baylor’s team:
“Their athleticism, and their aggressiveness, they just took us out of our offense, and we knew that was going to be critical. Staying poised, staying in the offense, setting screens, using screens, they forced us off screens. They are the best team in the country. We knew that we would have our hands full in that regard. It is a game of preparation. This was a game to help us get better. We have a Green Bay team that is top 20 in the country that plays tough defense, too. This is something that we can learn from. Great team, great balance, it was fun. It was a great opportunity for us to come down here.”



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