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Baylor, St. John's Postgame Quotes

Dec. 11, 2011

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#1/1 BAYLOR 73, ST. JOHN'S 59
DEC. 11, 2011

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

Opening Statement:
"Today would have been the perfect environment to get beat. I stayed back on Friday and did not come with the team, which is something I have never done in my coaching career; because I wanted to see my son play in the Semi-Finals State Playoffs. I came later with the administration, it took me out as a coach, but I did the right thing; your family always comes first. I got an injury to a perimeter player and that took us out of our flow of rotation and had to play Makenzi (Robertson) more minutes than I liked; and she did fine. I was completing a suspension of Destiny Williams; she did not get to play at all in the first-half. You are in New York City and walking outside your room is a distraction. We were here for Robert Griffin III, (Heisman Trophy winner) a great moment in Baylor history and we wanted to be a part of that. We had a lot of things distracting us, let alone the opponent we were playing."

On Sunday's win:
"I am very proud that we won; I am most proud that I did not have to come in here and make excuses. Our basketball team did not play well today, but let's give St. John's credit. Sometimes we take wins for granted. I do not take any win for granted because I understand when you have number one plastered in front of you, you are going to get everyone's best shot. If St. John's plays as well as they did today throughout Big East, they are going to finish pretty high in that league. I hate that that kid (Nadirah McKenith) got hurt, injuries can change the entire complexion of your basketball team; particularly an instrumental player like she is to her team."

On St. John's:
"If St. John's plays the ball as well as they did today throughout Big East they are going to finish pretty high in that league.In the first half they were trying to not let Brittney (Griner) get the ball, but the good thing is, it left Odyssey (Sims) and Brooklyn (Pope) open a lot. They were not afraid to pull the trigger, and that is what you will see from well coached team."

On honoring Pat Summitt:
"We played against each other when I was a player at Louisiana Tech and she was my Olympic Coach in '84. We got out of our huddle real quick to give her a standing ovation. Pat Summit is our John Wooden, what she means to women's game is what John Wooden meant to the men's game. Her presence on that floor and what she means to all of us, I do not think anyone will have that presence. There may be coaches that win more championships than her, but they won't be a Pat Summit.

  Head Coach Kim Barnes Arico

On the game:
"Obviously we feel Baylor is a tremendous basketball team and I thought our young ladies really stepped up to the challenge today. We're playing without our best player [Da'Shena Stevens] and we have all year long, I don't think a lot of people really realize that she is Big East Freshman of the Year, first-team All-Big East Player. She's our senior, our leader so we came into the game without her and I thought our kids stepped up and did a great job. They just wore us down. Obviously they have so many weapons- we tried to take away their top two and I thought we did a tremendous job with that in the first half. They wore us down a little bit in the second half and they made plays when they had to. They are a great program and I thought it was a great basketball game for everybody to watch tonight. I hope you enjoyed it."

On losing Nadirah McKenith:
"That's really really stinky. Nadirah was unbelievable. Obviously Sims is the best point guard in the country and I thought Nadirah McKenith, in the first half, shined. As much as Da'Shena [Stevens] has been our leading scorer and leading rebounder for the last three years, Nadirah makes our team go. She's special and no one can do for us what she can do."

On being up 36-30:
"We talked about it at halftime. I thought the kids were a little too excited at the half. I wanted them to be excited about it, but I knew we had twenty more minutes and I knew they were going to make a run. At half, we had done a tremendous job on [Odyssey] Sims- I knew that she was going to want to make more of an impact in the second half. The first three or four times down the court, she had the ball in her hands and she was really looking to go. I knew it was going to be difficult, but we came out at the start of the second half and scored those quick buckets and went up 36-30. I looked up and said, `Can we sustain this?' I think that's our biggest thing right now and our biggest challenge- keeping that level of consistency. To be able to do it against this team tonight for as long as we did was tremendous."

On the 18-3 run:
"During that run, Amber (Thompson) picked up her fourth foul. We took her out of the game and put in a guard. We played a wacky defense that was sort of successful. The guard became the person who was fronting [Brittney] Griner and she struggled - she hadn't worked at that assignment and she struggled with that. The other part that hurt us during that time was we had a couple easy buckets that we missed that resulted in transition for them. We did a great job with defensive transition, limiting their easy buckets, and then during that spurt, they had long rebounds that resulted in easier baskets for them."

On playing against Baylor:
"For us, we had to make a decision and pick your poison. We said `we're going to let somebody else beat us.' That's why we left number 3 [Jordan Madden] open - if she beats us, that's okay. That's what we're going to try to do and we played off of [Brooklyn] Pope. We knew we would get hurt with her on the glass on the second chance points. She did a tremendous job. Jordan [Madden] made some big plays penetrating on us when she had to. Those other kids really stepped up."



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