Post Game Quotes

Dec. 12, 2007

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Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey:

On the game:

"I thought we blew a lot of opportunities in transition. On defense, we did what we were supposed to. We got in a rhythm there and scored some points. Speed and quickness for us was an asset. They were a very physical team. I was a little worried after 12 days, but I know this team prepared well."


On conditioning over the break:

"I thought it was good. I did see moments when we were gasping for air and coming up short on shots, but we won."


On Danielle Wilson's record nine blocks:

"Danielle, that's one of the great things about her. She has a long wingspan and I'm not surprised at all that she did that. Last year when she broke all those records, I said this would happen."


On preparing for Stanford:

"What it does is regardless of who you played, you've taken care of business. Regardless of strength of schedule, we go to Stanford 7-0."


Baylor Post Danielle Wilson:

On her nine blocked shots:

"I just time it when someone goes up for a shot. Or when someone gets past someone, I contest it. I'm just learning more about blocking shots and not fouling when I block shots."


Baylor Guard Jhasmin Player:

On 3-point shooting:

"I got more confidence because Tizzy (Angela Tisdale) got me some good looks and Jess (Jessica Morrow) got me a good look. I've been working on it, and I just need to be comfortable."


On the game:

"The first five minutes were really rough, and then we just got on a roll. It all starts with Tizzy. She's our senior leader."



Oregon Head Coach Bev Smith:

On the game:

"The first half was tough. I told our team to come out and take the game four minutes at a time. They really went after it during the first four minutes, and then Baylor really stepped it up a notch and went on a huge run that we just did not stop. We were here to see what a top ten team was like playing at their home. Our locker room is disappointed right now, and for us that is a good thing. With a little bit of pain and disappointment, your team is going to grow."


On Oregon's second half:

"They had the momentum, but we did come back. We have a very young team; at one point we had four freshmen and a senior out there on the court. We didn't execute poorly, but 27 turnovers against anyone is going to shoot yourself in the foot, so that is something that we have to work on. I told them that we have Baylor at home next year, and what are we going to do as individuals to make sure that we do better next year."





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