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Baylor, Oral Roberts Postgame Quotes

Dec. 12, 2012

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  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On Odyssey Sims’s game tonight:
“It was just a matter of time getting her back on the floor and in the flow of things. Odyssey is just pretty dominant with on-ball pressure. I’ve told you guys many times that I’m not sure what is more scary, Odyssey pressuring the ball or Brittney (Griner) blocking shots. I wouldn’t want to take the ball up the court against Odyssey. She never tires. She does a lot on her own. Sometimes I call the press and sometimes that’s just Odyssey. She just really had a good game tonight.”

On Brooklyn Pope’s performance:
“Brooklyn is playing very good basketball. I’ve asked her to do a couple of things to help us out and have a good senior year. One, shoot shots that make you look good. She’s really doing that. A lot of the shots that she is getting are right around the basket. Second, improve your free throw shooting. She has done that. And third, make sure that you are a force on the boards because you are strong and can jump. Get in there and get some rebounds. She’s just having a good senior year. She’s quietly having a great senior year.”

On the defense in the first half tonight:
“I have to catch myself sometimes because they were making shots with a hand in their face. We left them open sometimes on help-side. They would have ball-reversal, and we would be way off. Then they would spot up and shoot a three. With a lot of the shots they made, I’m particularly sure that our on-ball defense was bad. We switched more on screens in the second half, which put a bigger player on their perimeter players. I’m going to go back and watch the film and see because they shot very well. It was a half where we shot well, they shot well.”

  Senior Guard Odyssey Sims

On her defense tonight:
“I could see the expression on (Jaci Bigham) face that she kind of gave up. I just try to pressure the ball as much as I can and get as many turnovers as I could.” 

On getting back into rhythm:
“I guess at the Notre Dame game I was a little rusty and had a lot of turnovers. I just try my best to stay focused when I take care of the ball. I’m very excited to play back in front of our fans. It’s been a while since I last played in front of them. I just came out with a lot of energy. I’m just happy to be back.”

  Senior Forward Brooklyn Pope

On her performance lately:
“I feel like at this point, whatever happens, happens. I just need to go out there and play the game. It’s nice because I don’t have to focus on school as heavily. That’s a lot of relief (because) I graduated. I’m just playing basketball now. It’s the only thing that I have to focus on. It’s all that matters.”

On scoring 12 of 14 points in a run during the game:
“No, I just run the court and the ball will come to me. Somehow, someway the ball will get to my hands. I just tried to run the whole floor this game, and it worked in my favor. I don’t think that the other team knew that I was on the court during that stretch. It worked.

  Senior Post Brittney Griner

On the matchup with Oral Roberts:
“I felt like we matched up well. Our guards matched up with theirs very well.”

On having Odyssey 100 percent back:
“I love having her back. I can honestly just stand in the backcourt and watch her. She just strips he point guard and scores. I don’t have to run down the court, so I love it.”

  Head Coach Misti Cussen

Opening statement:
“I was really happy with our first 28 minutes of execution. Jaci (Bigham) dealt with Odyssey for the first 28 minutes fairly well, and then got tired and it went south in a hurry. I give Odyssey a lot of credit for that with her full-court pressure and what she was doing. Defensively, we came out tonight and just did not get the rotation we needed to get in the first four or five possessions. By the first media timeout, we had dug ourselves a hole pretty well because of lack of activity defensively and missed some good looks in the first four minutes. From about the 16-minute mark in the first half until halftime I was happy with our offensive execution and how we shot the ball. I was happy with the start of the second half. We do not have the depth that your Lady Bears do and that hurt us as much as their transition and they did a great job defensively.”   

On Kevi Luper’s late offensive start :
“Kevi is our marquee player and traditionally Coach Mulkey trusts her players to still take good one-on-one assignments. They took Kevi one-on-one. I felt that in the first three minutes Kevi got three or four really good looks at the basket, shots that she normally is successful on. I was real happy with what we got early on offensively. It is always a good night when she comes out hits that first or second one. We had a good night tonight, but we had some good looks early that we did not capitalize on.”

On narrowing the lead going into halftime:
“We finally got our defensive rotations going. We wanted to do some things with our zone that we traditionally do, but Odyssey killed us. She comes across the half-court line and launches lobs to Brittney immediately. We ran it a little bit when Coach Mulkey sat Odyssey down in the first half. We tried to get the juices flowing and create some transition.”

  Senior Guard Kevi Luper

On her late offensive start:
“Anytime I come out and hit my first or second shot, you know it is going to be a good game offensively for me. It was a little frustrating, but at the same time if you are a scorer and a shooter you just keep shooting and you do not think about it. You just think about the next play.” 

On Taylor Cooper’s performance:
“Anytime Taylor comes out and starts hitting three’s is what we need her to do. That helps keep the pressure off of Jayci and me trying to score tremendously. That was huge for us.”



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