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Women's Basketball

Baylor, Houston Baptist Postgame Quotes

Dec. 15, 2013

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9/9 BAYLOR (8-1) 100, NR/NR HOUSTON BAPTIST (3-5) 57
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Sun., Dec. 15, 2013
Attendance: 6,372


Head Coach Kim Mulkey

Opening statement...
"This team, as you can see, is very talented. They have a joyful inexperience about them. They learn how to move past a mistake, and sometimes freshmen don't do that. The Kentucky game, we spent four days evaluating that film because you couldn't do it in one session and do it right. There was some good in that game, so much that quite frankly I'm not sure I expected it. It was good to get back on the floor, but it was also good to give them a day or two off this week and let them study."

On Odyssey Sims...
"She's so good. It's fun to watch her have compassion for her teammates. She basically has grown up, and she understands that this is her chance to be a captain and a leader."

On managing Alexis Prince's injury...
"I think you saw what Alexis is capable of and you saw what we miss. She's our second-best player. She can score easily inside and on the perimeter. I just have to gauge her with Alex's [Olson] help, our trainer, on how much is too much. I really wanted to play her some more today, but 10 or 11 minutes is plenty for her first day back."

Senior G Odyssey Sims

On Alexis Prince playing...
"It's exciting and I know she's very excited because she hasn't played in a long time. I was happy for her to get her first two points. It's fun to watch her play -- she can shoot the ball or take it off the dribble. It's just fun to watch her play."

On getting ready for Ole Miss...
"We are very inexperienced, very young. We need tests. We will be ready for them, and be excited to come back from the break and start the Big 12."

On the young players improving...
"Each day they're getting better. They want to get better. This is a very good group and they're very competitive."

Junior Sune Agbuke

On rebounding...
"It's something we have been stressing all year and we have to do it every day."

Sophomore G Alexis Prince

On playing extended minutes for the first time all season...
"It felt good. So far this week it felt pretty good, it hasn't been giving me a problem."


Head Coach Donna Finnie

Opening statement...
"Obviously we knew going into the game this was going to be a tough one, and our kids I thought they played hard. They are mismatched in so many positions all over the floor, but we talked about playing with confidence and some of our kids did play with confidence. It is tough coming in against the number nine team in the nation. There is a little fear in their faces when they are on the floor. They are a great team, and I talked a little bit about in our pregame show about how Coach Kim Mulkey is just preparing them and building them to get them even further for their quest for the next national championship."

On Odyssey Sims...
"In watching film we had watched what other teams had done with the ball screen, and she is just so good with her decision making. Whether you go under it, she can pull up and hit the three, which she did a number of times today. If you go over it, she will beat you on the dribble. She just does so many great things for her team. There is no doubt the she is the premier guard in the nation. She is just so good with the ball in her hands, but she creates for her teammates so well, as well. Having watched their games all year there has definitely been huge steps in that respect."

On Baylor's freshmen...
"That is where I think they are going to make the biggest steps. Those freshmen who hadn't had to play a lot right at the start are coming in and contributing on both ends of the floor. They crashed the boards hard today. I thought they gave us a lot of issues inside, and they have definitely stepped up."

On why Shanice Steenholdt was kept quiet...
"A lot of that can be credited to Baylor women's basketball. When you go up against a team like that she cannot be isolated as easily with a team like Baylor who has depth at every position. I think she came back and battled a little harder in the second half. There were a couple of times when she thought she should have had a call, but there was no call. She kind of let that get to her. In the second half she crashed harder and took on a little more responsibility."

On the lessons learned from the game...
"I said to a couple of kids when they were coming out, they really showed in spells that we can play hard at this level, but it is our consistency that bothers me. We did hit some shots, but we did not get back in transition and gave them open layups. I do not care if we are playing the number nine team in the country or the number 300 team in the country -- we can't do that. We have to find more consistency going forward, before we play our next couple of games."



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