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Baylor, Tennessee Postgame Quotes

Dec. 18, 2012

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  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the first half of the game:
“I just thought that we were ready to play. We haven’t played since Oral Roberts, and it was just like they were ready to go. I thought that our defensive intensity was pretty special there at the beginning. Everybody fed off of each other when the game started.”

On the run at the beginning of the game:
“I thought we got some transition looks and shared the ball well. Again, I thought that it started on the defensive end. They missed a lot of shots, but I tend to want to think that we were contesting them. Offensive rebounding was very important in our scouting report. It was good to see Brooklyn (Pope) have a career high in rebounding and Brittney (Griner) rebounding the ball. Tennessee shoots a lot of shots. We knew that. If you look at their style, they come down the court and they don’t take a bad shot. We understood that and made sure that we were back in transition for defense. Any shot they made, we made sure to contest it.”

On the importance each player is to her:
“Like I’ve said before, you don’t take them for granted. I’m the only one that can be their critic. I know these kids inside and out. I never take them for granted. There is not a single day that goes by that I don’t wink at them, pat them on the back or do something to let them know that I appreciate them. When Odyssey (Sims) and Brittney came out those last six minutes of the game, I hugged them and realized that they are two of the best players that I have coached. It’s little moments like that.”

  Senior Guard Kimetria Hayden

On the difference in her game tonight:|
“I’ve been in the gym more shooting because I know that they are going to double team Brittney and we have to create open shots. I was patient tonight.”

On developing her shooting game:
“I just want to hit open jumpers so that I can open the lane up for drives, or dish the ball to our post players. I’ve just been in the gym hitting the shots and today, I was just lucky to hit them.”

  Senior Post Brittney Griner

On the opening of game:
“I think that we just came out prepared and on fire. Anytime that we play Tennessee it is always a high intensity game. Everybody was pumped up, and so was I. We just came out on fire.” 

  Senior Forward Brooklyn Pope

On how well her senior year has been so far:
“I don’t do much other than focus on basketball because I graduated. Now I’m playing like I did in high school when I didn’t have as many worries. I have also bought into the system this year. Baylor wasn’t going to change, I will. It’s working for me now.”

On her rebounding tonight:
“Coach Mulkey told us that Tennessee is known for rebounding. This year is not going to change anything. Pat Summitt’s system is still there. They went to the offensive rebounding against Texas, and we made sure to stop that. If we got the offensive rebound, then we had a second chance to score.”

  Head Coach Holly Warlick

Opening statement:
“We went up against a good Baylor team and didn’t come ready to play in the first half. That had a lot to do with Baylor’s defense. I thought we did a good job in the second half, but you can’t spot a team 20 points and expect to win.” 

On the first seven minutes:
“It was frustrating because we almost always shoot the ball well. I think we had open looks, but they were always rushed. We were quick-shooting the basketball and our gameplan was not to quick-shoot the basketball. We were trying to make everything up in one possession.”

On the athleticism of Baylor:
“I think their whole team is athletic and aggressive. There’s always a Griner effect. I think we had open looks, but we rushed shots and played one-on-one. You can’t play that way against Baylor. They’re too good of a defensive team. When we did get stops, we gave up offensive rebounds and those rebounds killed us.”

  Sophomore Cierra Burdick

On her late offensive start:
“We came in a little too antsy. We let our offense dictate the rest of our game and we can’t let that happen.”

On offense:
“I think there were clips where we got on a run, but every time we got on a run, they answered. You think you’re chipping away at the score and you look up at the scoreboard and you’re down 25. It plays with your mind and your confidence.”

  Senior Kamiko Williams

On coach Holly Warlick’s statement, “The only thing that can hold her back is herself”:
“I believe it. My teammates know it. I know it. It has been a problem, but I’m trying to fix it. Hopefully I can build off these two games and be there for my team like I need to be.”

On attacking Baylor:
“My teammates and coaches were in my ear. Just having my teammates in my ear helped. They’re the reason I performed today.”



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