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Baylor, Ole Miss Postgame Quotes

Dec. 18, 2013

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­9/9 BAYLOR (9-1) 87, OLE MISS (8-5) 80
Wed., Dec. 18, 2013
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Attendance: 6,723



Head Coach Kim Mulkey

Opening Statement:
"First of all I'd just like to credit Ole Miss, that's the best that they've played all year. I don't know if it's because our defense is that bad or if they were just that ready to play, but give them credit. They competed, and then we competed. I wouldn't say it was a pretty game, but it was two teams that wanted to win. I just thought that when we went down by ten, we showed some resiliency and made a few plays when we needed to."

"I got caught in a flow of playing more of our veteran players that we've seen play for the past three and four years. Our other kids need more experience, and I just have to learn to live with whatever mistakes they may make, but it didn't work that way tonight. We got a lot of offensive rebounds, but we didn't get much production from it, we keep kicking it out."

On relying on Odyssey:
"That's the way it's going to be. I'm not too smart, but I'd rather have Odyssey shoot 10 times and miss them than have someone else shoot. That's just the way it is. But, we had kids make big plays. If you look at each of our two post players who played the majority of the minutes, they each had 15 rebounds. When Odyssey would miss a shot, they would give us an opportunity to make another shot. That's just how our team is this year, everything is going to have to revolve around Odyssey."

Senior G Odyssey Sims:

On if frustration ever set in:
"No, we knew what we had to do. We had to stop giving up and-ones and dribble penetration. When they would cut away at the lead, we stuck together and would keep playing hard as if the score was 0-0."

On the zone:
"They came out of man and went to zone, we could have attacked it more. There were a lot of things that we could have done better on when they played zone, but for the most part I thought we did pretty good. We can always do better."


Head Coach Matt Insell:

Opening Statement:
"I thought that was just a great game between two teams that left everything on the floor. All credit to Baylor, they have a great basketball team and a great program. I told my team that it is going to take forty minutes to win the basketball game. To beat a great team and a great program we have got to play for forty minutes and we played about 38 minutes. We have got to go back and find a way to play those next two, but credit to Baylor. They got great plays when they needed them. What can you say about Odyssey Sims that hasn't already been said about her? I will go on record and say that I think she is the best player in the country. I have played against a lot of them in the past four or five years and I thought she was the best player in the country last year. If I was coaching in the WNBA and had the first pick in the draft I guarantee I would take her because she is a winner. All credit to Baylor, and I am proud of my team and how hard we fought. We have to find a way to get two more minutes out of them and we will do that and grow from this loss here."

On the difference of the team this year compared to last:
"They are a different team this year. I saw them last year when I was down there at Kentucky and we took a pretty good beating. This team is different because of Kim Mulkey. I told our team not to be scared about playing against Sims and the Baylor players, I said look at me, I have to coach against Kim Mulkey. Kim Mulkey is one of the best, if not the best coaches in the country. People said last year that Baylor won't be as good when Brittney leaves, but I told them no and that Kim would find a way. She finds a way every year. Now she is not as big as she was last year, but they are athletic as they were last year and play a little bit different in transition and they are a tough basketball team. They are going to win a lot of games. I told my team that they just played a team on their home court that has won 66 straight and has the longest winning streak in the country and you played them toe to toe for 38 minutes. We have to grow from this, but all credit to Baylor and Kim Mulkey."

Senior G Valencia McFarland

On what the team can take from this game:
"We can take a lot from this game and it can prepare us for the SEC and for what is to come. We just have to go out and prepare."

On playing against Odyssey Sims:
"She is a great player. One of the best I have played against this year and I just give my teammates credit for just sticking with her the best we could. We just threw a bunch of stuff at her and tried to do whatever we could to keep her from scoring but she got her points."



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