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Baylor, Connecticut Postgame Quotes

Dec. 18, 2011

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No. 1/1 Baylor 66, No. 2/2 Connecticut 61
Ferrell Center – Waco, Texas
December 18, 2011 - Att. 10,627

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

Opening statement:
“Well I thought we were all making plays. Maybe not always on the offensive end, but I thought kids were fighting hard. I just thought that Terran (Condrey)’s big shot, Odyssey (Sims) hit some threes and I thought getting to the foul line was important. I thought it was very important not to give up many layups. I think we gave up only one, maybe two back door cuts for layups and we gave up a couple transition layups. You can’t give them threes and transition layups. We did a better job, I thought, of not giving them layups. They shot the ball outstanding from the three, complement them. But they only made on three in the last 10 minutes of the game. We hung in there defensively and we battled.”

On Terran Condrey’s late three:
“Well she wanted to get it into Griner, who was relocating in there and trying to get deeper and deeper. She just saw an opportunity where her defender gave her an open look. If it goes in, you pat her on the back and if it doesn’t you go ‘why didn’t you get it to Griner?’ But with Terran, you have confidence in her shooting.”

On trying to keep playing UConn in the future:
“TV dictates money in our sport now and in all sports. TV dictates what the NCAA does. Money dictates it all. I have a problem once January gets here. My focus is not non-conference anymore, my focus and my concern is for Baylor University and for us to win a Big 12 championship. TV wants you to get these games in in January once football is over with. Some coaches think that it is good. I don’t ever want a non-conference game to be more important than a conference game. If you do games in January, which is what they want us to continue to do, I just don’t want to do that.”

Post Brittney Griner

On her shooting from the free throw line:
“That was actually the first thing I looked at when I looked at the stat sheet. I just knew that I had to knock them down and I just stayed calm and did everything I needed to do to get it going.”

On the difference Odyssey Sims made in the game tonight:
“I knew about it coming in, but it wasn’t a goal to come out and try to win it. Shot blocking is the one thing I love the most. More than a dunk or anything else like that, so I definitely appreciate that a lot.”

Guard Odyssey Sims

On how Baylor was able to come back from being down 11:
“We knew what we had to do, we just had to stop them defensively. On offense we had to get the ball inside. When we started out we didn’t give Brittney the ball enough and that became our main focus, to just get her the ball. We had to work through our offense to get ourselves back going. We need to just stop and score, stop and score. Just take it one play at a time.”

Guard Terran Condrey

On her three late in the game:
“I mean it means a lot for sure. When I shot it I thought it was short. I didn’t think I jumped high enough to shoot it, but I am happy it went in.”

 Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On Baylor’s final run to win the game:
“What we talked about in there is that if you come into a place like this, you go on the road and play one really good team, and you have to be able to withstand a lot of things not going your way. I thought for the most part we did. For about 35 minutes there I thought we were good enough to win the game, obviously. But there was a five minute stretch there, maybe even less than that, where I thought Baylor and their aggressiveness and their intensity level kind of took over the momentum of the game. They made some plays offensively, and we didn’t make shots on the other end. Then we kind of got out of our rhythm, as you call it. When you’re on the road and you allow that to happen, your chances of winning are obviously much less. An offensive rebound on a free throw that we should’ve got that they got… It’s things like that on the road that you can’t afford to have happen. We have Odyssey Sims trapped in the corner and we foul. We foul their best free throw shooter. Then we foul her again. Some of the decisions that our kids made you go back and say ‘That’s going be the difference when two really good teams play.’ Maybe we’re just not there yet to win this game on this night in this building against this team. Maybe we’re just not there yet.”

On defending Brittney Griner:
“The obvious answer is she’s a lot bigger than any other kid she’s going be playing against, but she’s developed a bit of aggressiveness and a few more ways to score than she has in the past. That has made it really difficult to defend her. The only thing that you can do is hope that she misses or hope that they don’t get her the ball enough times. The key to the game that we said going in to this was that Odyssey Sims is going to decide this game, and she did. Brittney’s going to get what Brittney’s going to get every night. It was a typical Brittney game. We may have helped her by giving her a couple of extra blocked shots that she shouldn’t have, but other than that it’s generally what you’re going to get from her. I think it was some of Odyssey Sims’s plays at the end of the game that made a difference.”

On what both teams can take from this game:
“The conversations that I had with (Bria Hartley and Stefanie Dolson) and the guys on the team were more centered on the outcome wasn’t as important. We were 2-for-3 from the line and Baylor was 16-for-18. We did a lot of things, we got more shots and we held our own on the rebounding end. We forced more turnovers. The process of the 40 minutes was something that we can take away and say ‘I don’t think there will be a lot of teams come in here and be up by eleven and do what we did to them for long stretches of the game. So the only thing I think we are not leaving here with is a win, which really bothers us because we play to win. I think in a lot of other ways we leave here with a pretty good understanding of where we need to be as a team. I’m pretty sure Baylor feels the same way. They’re at home and they’re supposed to win these kinds of games. They did what they needed to do to win. I think both teams come out of it feeling pretty good. The unfortunate thing is one of them has a win and the other has a loss, but I don’t see any downside to the way this game was played. I think if we had played really poorly and got beat handedly, we would’ve left demoralized. Maybe we’re not that good, but we can get on the plane tomorrow and know we have a pretty good team.”

Guard Bria Hartley

On guarding Odyssey Sims:
“She’s a great player and has the ability to get into the lane. It shows that I will have to work a little more on the defensive end and work on keeping people in front so she can’t make those plays so she won’t a big of a difference at the end of the game.”

On what they can take from this game:
“I just think we have to learn from it. Go to practice these next couple of weeks and work on getting better and improving some of our mistakes that we made. We can work on our mentality when things aren’t going our way.”

Center Stefanie Dolson

On guarding Brittney Griner:
“With Brittney, I feel like we did a pretty good job of keeping her off the block and getting her in spots where she’s least comfortable. There were a couple of times where we had great help defense. The guards would help come in and double her and get the ball out of her hands. When Heather (Buck) was in, she did a good job keeping her off the block and making her make a tough shot and forced her to do things she’s not comfortable with. In the guard position, we did a much better job pressuring the ball and forcing turnovers.”

On what they can take from this game:
“This game is really going to help us individually and as a team. When things aren’t going our way, someone’s got to step up and tell everyone what to do get a basket or get a stop to change the momentum. This is really going to help us in the future by letting us know what we need to do to keep going and score.”



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