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Off the Court with Chameka Scott - Jan. 14

Jan. 14, 2006

The beginning of a new year also rang in the beginning of a new season for the Lady Bears, conference play. We started off conference a little less than desired but we started nonetheless. It was a rough trip to Missouri to tip off Big 12 play but it was a lesson worth learning after what we did to Texas the following Saturday.

We spent a large portion of practice on Thursday working on Baylor basketball. We got up and down the floor with intense focus and energy. We had a sour taste in our mouths from the Missouri game and I think the only cure was a huge slab of steak Saturday afternoon. Friday was our last official day off from school and our last day to prepare for the game and we got after it. We did our normal scouting report, attacked their defense, ran our offenses and the whole nine yards! Things were pretty routine but at the same time there was a certain sense of urgency and efficiency with the time we had to prepare for this game. There was a big difference in being 1-1 in conference and being 0-2, and we were well aware of that difference!

The morning couldn't have come any sooner. I personally was so anxious for so many reasons. A lot of girls had family and friends in town so that brought some more attention to the game atmosphere. Students were coming back into town and so that added as well, and of course, all of our normal rowdy and super supportive fans were turning this home opener into a memorable experience for Baylor University. The crowd was amazing; the atmosphere was priceless, the game was ideal. We came out super strong and jumped on them first! We really wanted to make our presence known early because we knew it would be a game of runs for the most part. It became a back and forth game quickly and we maintained through halftime. The second half however is when we finally decided to pull away and get outta there with a very big and very necessary victory.

Since it was an early game we had the rest of the afternoon to enjoy the win and the company that had come into town before ultimately enjoying our day off on Sunday.

Monday was business as usual and we got on the grind working on Oklahoma State. It felt great to be at home again and the crowd again was to thank. We didn't start off too well this time for whatever reason, and although we were getting the job done, we were doing it the ugliest way possible. People say there is no such thing as a bad win so I guess we will just take that one and move on. Everyone got a chance to get in and contribute. Our freshman did a great job getting the most of their time on the floor.

Our focus quickly moved to Texas Tech on Thursday. Practice went very well and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. School has started again and everyone was back in the normal routine of class, practice, study and sleep. We spent a lot of time in the locker room after practice just talking about classes and professors and funny stories. I think everyone has at least one teammate in one of their classes, so that's a cool feeling! I know there is a class that has all of our freshman and Bernice in it and for that professor I apologize in advance. We are a pretty silly group of girls altogether but even in groups of two or three it gets pretty rowdy, so I can't imagine five. Whew!

Well we are on our way to Lubbock now and after practice tonight we will be getting our game faces on for Sunday afternoon. I can't say I hope to see you there but I do you get to see me there! Game time is 2:00 on Fox Sports Net, so get a friend, a snack and get excited because it's going to be a great game. Until next time.




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