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J.J.'s Journal. . .Jan. 26, 2004

Jan. 26, 2004
Manhattan, Kansas

I am sure the thought that crossed every fans mind this week was "Oh my goodness, look at Coach Mulkey's pants!" I don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many comments I heard about those black leather pants she wore on Wednesday and the follow-up performance with the red snakeskin ones on Saturday.

When I saw head baseball coach Steve Smith at church on Sunday he jokingly said, "Coach Mulkey should be reprimanded for wearing those pants." Frankly all I can say is more power to you Coach Mulkey, and I am not so sure I could pull it off, but I would love some fashion pointers from her.

After the shock of seeing Coach's leather pants wore off shortly before tip off, it was time to get down to business. Kansas came out of the gates on fire, knocking down shot after shot. We just had to keep plugging away and soon our time would come. Either Steffanie has psychic powers or has Babe Ruth-like vision because she called our run late in the second half to finally shake off the pesky Jayhawks. It was a solid win but there was no time to get too excited, soon we would face the Sooners. (I never said I was a comedian.)

Road trips have brought about trends for our team. For instance, you will always find Steff and Tiff studying for at least part of the trip, whereas Emily and Abi are music gurus, their ears have turned into headphones. Melanie and Chameka are the sleepers; bus, plane you name it, they always seem to be watching the back of their eyelids despite the uncomfortable conditions. Monique and Ebony are constantly doing some type of dance, or I just seem to catch them in the midst of their routine. (Speaking of dancing, I scored a lesson with Monique, so hopefully by the end of the year I will overcome my rhythmically impaired lifestyle!) However, the Norman trip was a bit different.

It's surprising what you learn about your teammates. It was discovered that Emily does a quality Chris Farley impression. Ask her about "the van down by the river!" And if basketball doesn't work out for some, I am sure that Simon Cowell would love the group performance of "I Get So Weak" by SWV. It may not be music to your ears, but it is definitely entertaining.

A couple of movies, a cracked open book that never got read and some shut eye later, we arrived in Norman. After chowing down at Charleston's, it was time to dream about walking out of Lloyd Noble Center with a victory.

Game time came and went, just like that. I keep playing it back like a surreal movie- one of those really intense dramas, except pack the emotional rollercoaster with the thrill and action from an old western movie. Really, we were up, we were down, then really down, like 13 points down, and then we were climbing back up. We would pull so close then Oklahoma would drain a 3-pointer and you felt like you were just hit in the gut. Then we put together a counter attack with another blow, hoping that it would slow them down. Thanks to two gutsy buckets from Chameka and some big time free throws by Steff and Dionne we nabbed the win. And how sweet it is!

So that leaves me here, sitting in Manhattan, Kansas, awaiting tomorrow night's matchup against the Kansas State Wildcats. It's a bit chilly here, like 15 degrees. Next time the ladies travel here, make sure to remind Emily not to wear flip flops!

- Jessika



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