A weekly Q&A with Baylor's student-athletes

Feb. 1, 2007


Angela Tisdale
Women's Basketball
Junior, Guard

When did you start playing your sport?
7th grade

Who has had the greatest impact on your career?
My high school coach, I didn't think I was going to get a scholarship to basketball and I really wasn't focused and she got me focused on playing basketball and playing hard.

What is the best part of being a college athlete?
Traveling and hanging out with your team all the time.

Favorite sport other than your own?
I watch them all, I watch football, soccer, you name it I watch it. I'm just a sports junky.

What is your nickname on the team and why?
In high school they called me Tizzy and one of my high school teammates came up here and called me Tizzy and Coach heard them so they just started calling me Tizzy.

After meeting Coach Mulkey, what was you first thought?
It was going to be hard playing for her. She's intense, but once I met her I knew it was something I could do. I can listen to her, she can help my game.

If you could play a different position, what would it be?
Definitely the shooting guard. I always wanted to play the shooting guard, but I guess I'm too short or something.

Do you have a pre-game ritual, if so what is it?
No, most of the time I go over the game plan in my head on what to do over the plays, make sure I know them; what I'm going to do on offense, what I'm going to do on defense. I just go over what takes place during the game.

What is the most unique item in your locker?
I don't know, my jersey?

What is the funniest moment from Baylor practice?
There are a lot of them. Every time coach gets hit in the head with the ball, and she gets mad, and we all start laughing.

Who are your favorite sports heroes?
Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan and Cynthia Cooper, people like that, like back in the day. Right now it's Dwayne Wade, because I love him.

What is the highlight of your sports career?
When we won the national championship, no doubt in my mind. Greatest feeling in the world, I wish I could repeat that.

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome?
When you play bad, it's getting back up for the next game. Your confidence is down, everybody is depending on you, and sometimes people make it worse. It's getting yourself back up and playing another game and not worrying about the last game.

What opposing schools do you most look forward to competing against ?
I would say all the conference games. OU, Texas, Texas A&M, just people around here that know us well and we know them well.

What is one thing Coach Mulkey always tells you?
See everybody on the court, run your team, be a leader.

Who is your biggest fan?
My brother, my family.

Why did you choose to attend Baylor?
It was right down the street and the program was building up. The coaches liked me and I like the school. I came here after coming on my visit, I loved it.

What's the most important thing you've learned as a Baylor athlete?
If you do not go to class you will not play for her. So always go to class and don't skip.

What single thing will you most miss about Baylor when you leave?
The program and not being a part of it.

Who is your all-time favorite Baylor athlete?
I would say Jeremy Wariner, he's just good, and he's a good athlete. When I saw him run track, he puts his heart into it, even though he doesn't look like the best one out there he always seems to win.

As a role model to young athletes, what advice can you give?
Just keep your head up and strive for what you want to become.

What are three words that describe you?
Laid back, goofy, and love ice cream

What song is stuck in your head right now?
I'm drawing blank, I don't know.

What is your favorite T.V. show?
Right now, Desperate Housewives.

Name one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you.
I watch a lot of movies.

Name one thing you can't go a week without.
Ice cream.

What is your dream job?
Playing basketball somewhere, somewhere I love, making money doing what I love to do.

What's your most valued possession?
My sidekick.

Best non-athletic talent?
Really don't have one.

Favorite musical artist?
Lil' Wayne.

Biggest fear?
I'd say snakes or something.

Biggest pet-peeve?
Loud boys that are cocky, who think they're all that and they're not.

Least favorite food?
Any seafood or vegetables

Favorite T-Shirt?
Any basketball Baylor T-Shirt

Best opposing Big 12 fans?
It used to be Texas Tech; we haven't been down there yet, but usually Tech or OU.

Movies or TV?


Inflatable Judge or Bruiser?

Daytime or Nighttime?

Penland or Memorial?

Cars or Trucks?

compiled by Tramese Andrews, Athletic Media Relations student assistant



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