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J.J.'s Journal. . .Feb. 4, 2004

Senior guard Jessika Stratton shares this week's entry in "J.J.'s Journal" as the Lady Bears prepare for Texas Tech on Sunday.

Senior guard Jessika Stratton shares this week's entry in "J.J.'s Journal" as the Lady Bears prepare for Texas Tech on Sunday.

Jan. 26-Feb. 2, 2004

Two more Top 25 teams in one week, no rest for the weary that's for sure. Speaking of no rest, the quick turnaround from Norman to Manhattan was especially tough. But you play with the hand you're dealt with, right?

I guess that the below freezing temperatures in Manhattan cooled down our hot shooting. It is fairly difficult to beat a Top 10 team shooting 33% from the field. However, the wind chill didn't freeze Emily's (Niemann) hot shooting hand, but I can say that it did freeze her toes! Did I mention that wearing flip-flops in the snow was not such a good idea?

We were anxious to get back to the warm confines of the Ferrell Center and prepare for the hot-handed Huskers of Nebraska. After a stunning victory over K-State in Lincoln, Nebraska climbed into the Top 25 surely looking for two more upsets to add to the list - Texas and Baylor. Nebraska carries some firepower in their starting lineup stacked with some strong, quick guards on the perimeter and some big, long-range shooting posts that take care of the frontcourt. We were well aware that we had a game on our hands. But Saturday also brought something special...

Chameka's (Scott) mom arrived early on Saturday morning, a little too early for Chameka's taste, like 9:45 a.m., but she was excited nonetheless. Abiola (Wabara) made a trip to the grocery store to stock the cabinets with food so her mother could prepare her favorite Italian meals. (Abi's smile was a bit bigger this week.) Monique (Jones) was able to share her 19th birthday with her mom, and I had a perfect pancake breakfast with my dad. Even though we are "all grown up," little girls still need their parents. Parent's night is such a great time to gather all of our family members together from Italy to New York, to Colorado and scattered around Texas to honor them in their integral part of shaping our lives.

So, thank you parents for taking us to the 8 a.m. AAU game on Saturday morning, even when we had to leave the house two hours early to get there on time. Thank you for the hours you spent on the bleachers no matter how uncomfortable you were and how boring Biddy Ball or YMCA may have been. Thank you for putting our dinner in the refrigerator and heating it up after a late practice. Thank you for consoling us when we had a bad game and we act like it is the end of the world. Thank you for being consistent in your love, when the game of basketball isn't. You all are a reason we are on the court today.

With that said, it was only fitting that we honored our parents with a victory. It was a physical game, a game of runs. We just ran a bit faster and a bit farther. Each player did her part, all the pieces making the whole. We strive to become a complete basketball team.

But another test looms in the distance. Tech is coming to town...


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