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J.J.'s Journal. . .Feb. 10

Senior guard Jessika Stratton shares this week's entry in "J.J.'s Journal."

Senior guard Jessika Stratton shares this week's entry in "J.J.'s Journal."

Feb. 10, 2004

Another week has passed; another game has come and gone. This season seems to go by much faster than the rest. I find myself begging for more games, more road trips and more tournaments. But the reality of it is, this is the time. I must not look ahead, but concentrate on the now.

I felt privileged to walk onto the court at the Paul J. Meyer Arena Sunday afternoon. I was the little girl in the stands once, feeling as though how hard I cheered determined if the players won or lost. I hold a great appreciation for the Lady Bear fans. You all poured out your hearts and lungs in that arena and we are so thankful for that. (I had to get a little insight on the make-up of the crowd from the participants themselves, so thank you!) To the Crew ladies and gents, you all were fantastic.

Although my attention was focused on the gals in red and black, you couldn't help but to notice the fellas painted in green. Lacrosse, what can I say? Thank you for your support and congratulations! Delts, I saw your signs boys and I hope that you will come back and be as rowdy as ever behind the opponent's goal. To the Kappa Sigma fellas in the party zone, nicely done. Taking the ball out underneath the goal was truly a treat and probably terrifying for the Tech ladies. To the alumni and community, we are so thankful for your consistent support. You truthfully are a wonderful part of our program.

And lastly, to the fellas with the "Jessika, will you marry me" sign. Yes, I did see you both and I am honored by your request. But right now, I have to take care of some basketball business!

Again, thank you to the 7,000+, you all were amazing and made me proud to be a Lady Bear.

We had a week to prepare for the Lady Raiders; confident that with our preparation and focus we could protect our home court and add a win to the victory column. The fact of the matter is, we were prepared, we were focused, and we were confident. Some crucial mistakes, some untimely shots, and a poor defensive effort cost us the victory. It is a disappointment, yes; however we have a tough week on the road ahead of us.

We are a team of fighters, warriors in a sense that we push through the deficits, the aches and the pains, and the daily struggles of life. The season is far from over...this is the time.

Happy Valentines Day!

- Jessika



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