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Women's Hoops Post-Selection Show Quotes

  Head Coach Kim Mulkey

Opening Statement:
"I was just anxious to see it and see where we were being sent for the first and second round, because I initially thought we would be in Little Rock. When UALR won the conference tournament, I knew we weren't going there, because they would be seeded higher than a 16. And then I thought Tallahassee. And I don't think I ever thought Bowling Green, Ohio. But I've never been there. I guess Ohio State would be considered a home-type environment for them. I don't know how close it is. But at this point, you're just ready to go play."

On how excited team is to get tournament started:
"They can speak for themselves, but our practice was very good today. it was very intense. And it was like that before we went to the conference tournament. They understand this is what we've talked about all year is these six basketball games. Everybody's healthy today. And you're heading in with a focus like none other that I've seen in a while. It's reflected in how we're playing right now. And you just want to continue it."

On whether this year's team's focus reminds her of the 2005 team:
"A little bit different. The '05 team, there were no expectations. You didn't expect to win a national championship. This team has had to carry whatever you want to call it - the expectations, the burden, the whatever - being the No. 1 team throughout the year. The '05 team was good. And yet at the same time, they didn't have those expectations to win it all. This team has handled, I think, everything great. You're 34-0. And now, these last six games, you've got to go play."

On ESPN's "How to Stop Brittney Griner" piece:
"Everything's on television now. You exchange film. And if you don't exchange film, you have it on the computer. And if you don't have it on computer, it's on TV.

"I didn't discover anything new by watching that today. I thought it was kind of comical, really, because they were showing you every defense she's faced. But - I say this in a non-arrogant way - they didn't say this is the one that worked. If they had said this is the one that works, I might have listened a little more intently. Brittney has seen it all, our team has seen it all, and we've handled it very well."

On how to keep focus game-to-game rather than looking ahead:
"Well, we've done it all year. I don't anticipate this team will change anything on how we approach the game. We will get in the film room and work on Santa Barbara. And then we will work on both Ohio State and Florida. And that's all we'll talk about the next three or four days. That's all we'll talk about is those three teams. Then when we come back, we'll talk about the next couple. But that's it. We won't change any approach that we have.

  Junior Forward Brittney Griner

On the NCAA tournament:
"These six games are what we've been waiting on. We're ready to go. I'm ready to get on the plane and get out there now. I'm excited to get on the floor.

On flattering comments from NBA's Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James:
"Oh, it was awesome! I couldn't stop smiling. I had to put my hands on the back of my head, and I was just like, `Wow!' My phone started blowing up, too."

On seeing the "How to Stop Brittney Griner" piece by ESPN:
"It definitely is (weird), the way they break it down and critique like everything. And I'm just like, `Yeah, that's me, right there.'"

  Sophomore Guard Odyssey Sims

On difference between last year's team and the 2011-12 team:
"There's a whole lot of different areas. Offensively we're better. We're working our offense through BG more. Last year we were learning how to move without the ball when she has it. Our defense is a lot better at getting in passing lanes, trying to get a lot more transition buckets. We're just better in every area. We just keep getting better, and we're excited for these six games."

On being a year more experienced:
"Really there's no difference. I just have a year under my belt. I've gotten better from last year to this year. I know how to manage the game better. I know when to take shots, when not to take shots, when to get the ball inside, when to shoot. Just stuff like that that coach has helped me with. And that's something I need to focus on going into these six games that we have."



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