WBB Post-Selection Show Quotes

March 15, 2010

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Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On the draw:
"I was excited. I don't think anybody wants to be in a region with Connecticut. I think just the familiarity with Tennessee and having played Fresno State two or three years ago in the playoffs (helps.) We have played at Berkeley against Cal this season so we are familiar with the surroundings there. We have never played Marist or Georgetown but we've seen them both on television. We are excited. This has been a good two days for Baylor University."

On Fresno State:
"I have not seen them play this year but if they run the same system that they ran a few years ago when we played them they like to shoot the three-point shot, penetrate and dish. They won the WAC and then they lost to Louisiana Tech by two in the finals of the WAC Tournament. The only comparison that we have is that they played Louisiana Tech this year and they played them two or three times."

On the team practicing at full strength this week:
"What is exciting is that you have three or four days with them all on the floor to practice and get them in-sync and back on the same page. We didn't have that even at the conference tournament. We had Brittney (Griner) coming off of a suspension and (Melissa Jones) getting limited minutes. You just weren't in the flow and you weren't your typical team. We have a week now where we can get back into a flow and try to be what we were before all of that happened."

On the possibility of a rematch with Tennessee:
"If we can win a few games we all know that we will probably get to see Tennesee. You want to play the best. Tennessee and UConn, those programs are the best. We sure would like a shot at them if we are fortunate enough to win the first two."

Senior Forward Morghan Medlock
On being sent to California for the first two rounds:
"It is nice to (play in California) but I am not really worried about that because I am from southern California. I am just excited to be in the same region as Tennessee."

On the importance of the team practicing at full strength this week:
"I think it felt good taking the floor playing with people that I've played with the entire season. Today was the first practice in a very long time that we had everybody in uniform and every able to go for the full two hours that we went today. It is going to be nice to have the next three or four days to prepare with everybody on the floor."

Junior Guard Kelli Griffin
On the tournament:
"Everybody is excited to go to the tournament. For us to be seeded so high, I think I am more excited about that. I am just excited to keep playing."

On the importance of Melissa Jones returning to the court:
"I've been playing with (Melissa Jones) ever since I got here. Me and MJ are probably the closest two people on the team. Just having her out there makes me feel good as a point guard to know that I have somebody to go to as an upperclassman. Like coach said, it just gives me a sense of security. It is different playing with MJ compared to a lot of freshman because she knows the game, she knows the plays and I don't have to do a lot of directing. It makes me more comfortable when she is out there."



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