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WBB TV Coverage Guide: NCAA First, Second Round


• For the first two rounds, multiple games (a maximum of four) will begin within one telecast window on ESPN2.
• During those windows, the networks will "whip-around" to the best action from different games for viewers in most of the nation, with the exception of the home markets of the competing teams.
• Each window will start with one particular game, as determined by ESPN.
• The networks plan frequent switches and updates from other games as action dictates.
• ESPN3 will provide live, full-game coverage of all 48 first and second round games.


• In the home markets of the competing teams, ESPN2 will televise the game of local interest. While constant updates from the other games will be provided, the networks will not switch to another game during live action, thereby establishing home market protection.

 Cable Users - Home Market Protection

• Each team has a designated home market protection, as determined by ESPN programming on Selection Monday, March 12.
Colored maps are located on

 DIRECTV Channels

• ESPN2 Channel #209 Primary Game/ "whip around"

NOTE: DTV will use ESPN2 only for the primary game. If area is subject to a home market protected game, that game can be viewed on one of the ESPN FULL COURT channels (#782-785) at no cost. All four games in each window will be available to ESPN FULL COURT subscribers.

 DISH Network Channel

• ESPN2 Channel #144 Primary Game/ "whip around"
    - Home market protected game located on the ESPN2 alternate channel #145-148.

NOTE: Dish Network will use alternate channels for all home market protection. All four games in each window will be available to ESPN FULL COURT subscribers on channels #462-465.

 ESPN FULL COURT (Featuring All Early-Round Action: $79.00)

• Viewers who want to view all early-round games in their entirety can receive them through ESPN FULL COURT, the out-of-market pay-per-view package.
• ESPN FULL COURT, available to cable and satellite customers, will showcase every first- and-second-round game.

 ESPN3 and WatchESPN

• Fans who receive a video subscription from an affiliated provider will have access to the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Championship featured on ESPN networks online and and through the WatchESPN app on smartphone and tablet devices.
• ESPN3 - also available online at, on smartphones and tablets via the WatchESPN app and additionally through ESPN on Xbox Live - will once again deliver all 63 games of the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Championship. ESPN3 is also accessible through ESPN on Xbox LIVE to gold level members.
• Contact the local high-speed internet provider or video subscriber to determine if ESPN3 and/or WatchESPN is available.



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