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Baylor NCAA Tournament Selection Show Quotes

March 17, 2014

Baylor NCAA Tournament Selection Show Quotes

Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On her thoughts on the South Bend Regional:
"I don't think anymore. I just react. We're just excited to be a high seed. I don't know if it really matters because we won a championship as a 3 seed and another as a 1 seed. So now I guess we are a 2 seed. You never want to be in a region where you have to go and beat someone on their home floor, but we are not going to worry about that at this point. We're going to think about Western Kentucky. I have lots of memories of playing those guys at Louisiana Tech."

On a possible rematch with Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen:
"I haven't even studied that to know who those four teams are. I guess it would be like with a lot of teams that you get a chance to redo. We played West Virginia and had another chance at them. Now you have another chance to get out of the first and second rounds to play Kentucky, but I can't even think that far in advance because we will be focusing so hard on these next two in the first and second rounds."

On the freshmen's first NCAA tournament:
"If you go back to that Duke game, we were down pretty late in that game when we went into the full-court press and created some turnovers. In fact NaeNae Hayden's pass to Melissa Jones was a big time turnover that we created. The inexperience factor is still there because now it's totally different than it has been all year. The innocence factor, in that it's new and exciting, gets your adrenaline pumping. I'm excited that I'm taking this bunch on the floor for the NCAA Tournament. What they have done this year, I expect them to keep on doing that. When it's all said and done, make sure you walk of that floor without an ounce of energy left in your body. You've given it everything you have."

On being suspended for the first round game:
"I've lived that in a different way. When Coach (Leon) Barmore was here I got sick and was in the hospital in Lubbock (2009). We played UTSA, and I got to watch it on television. It's difficult, but yet it's not as bad as you think. If you prepare them, those kids can go out there and win a basketball game. They don't need us on that sideline but maybe every now and then to call timeouts and make a few adjustments. I've lived it. The difference is that I hope I'm not sick while I'm watching it this time and healthy. I'll stay and watch the second game from in front of my TV. I can come up here and watch the second game, but I'm not going to come into a gym and walk out. That takes the focus away from the players and the team. They need to have a normal routine. I'll be cheering as hard as I can, (the team) may enjoy it. If I see that they are doing well I may suspend myself for the second game if Bill (Brock) has it under control. I don't need that stress. I'm getting old."

Senior Guard Makenzie Robertson

On getting to play, as a senior, two more games on her home court:
"It's the best situation we could have had. I guess it's kind of the luck of the draw that it happened to be my senior year. We didn't end senior night here the way we wanted to so we have two more games to finish it right."

On being in Notre Dame's bracket:
"Obviously they are a great team and they are going to be on their home court. I didn't care where we went. We are so focused on one game at a time, we just want to go as far as we can no matter who we are with."

On not having Coach Mulkey on the floor:
"It will be a little different. She is a very dominant person over there."

Freshman Forward Nina Davis

On now knowing who the Lady Bears will be playing:
"It definitely makes us more anxious, just to know that the opportunity is here. This is the time of the season that you wait for all year. We are just going to take it day-by-day, game-by-game, and get as far as we can.

On if there will be any nerves in the NCAA Tournament:
"Probably not. I would not say I wasn't nervous in the Big 12 Tournament. Before the game I think that everyone has a little nervousness, but once I get out there and start playing it pretty much goes away and everything starts to flow."



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