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Prairie View A&M News Conference Quotes

March 23, 2013

 Head Coach Toyelle Wilson

On being successful early in her coaching career:
“(It took) a lot of preparation. Making sure our girls are playing to the top level that they need to be playing. I think the kids buying into the system, buying into the coach, buying into their roles; a lot of that has to come together at the right time, at the right situation: good timing and peaking at the right time. A lot of stuff goes into it. The games are just 10% of it, but the other 90 percent is what you have to make sure all the kids are in tune to.”

On her players being confident that they can compete with Baylor:
“For them to say that they’re not worried, that was shocking to me. I know Baylor is going to come out with some intense defense. Deny the wings because what are you going to do, back door right into Brittney Griner? They’re going to be overly aggressive. I know (Kim) Mulkey is going to have them playing from the beginning like it could be their last. And you know Brittney is going to be playing at a high level because it could be her last game. She has things to prove. I know she proves that every day on the floor. The girls understand that they do have to be confident. We have nothing to lose. Go out there, have fun, and compete. I told them I want those 50/50 balls to be 80/20 balls that we definitely have to get. We’ve got to control the things we can. The girls understand. I’ve been telling them for the last week. We definitely have to play at a high level to compete. Don’t look at the end result. Just play every possession 100 percent.”

On being a 16 seed again:
“I don’t think we deserve the number one overall seed. Last year we played UConn and we were down 13 at half time. Today UConn wins by 65. I guess they don’t want us to play UConn two years in a row, that’s what the NCAA doesn’t want to happen. We played Baylor my first year as head coach. It’s kind of the same hotel, same protocol, hopefully not the same result. It’s a good experience for the girls. I’m excited. I think this group of girls is different than two years ago. But I’m going to tell you this right now, Odyssey Sims had five points two years ago, Melissa Jones, I remember, only had three points, and to think that they couldn’t score when we were double and triple teaming Brittney Griner, that’s not going to happen this year. They can score. It’s more than Brittney Griner. Brooklyn Pope is a beast. She snags rebounds, she’s athletic, she’s quick. I mean Hayden, Madden, their bench could probably start at another Big 12 school. I don’t (just focus on) Brittney Griner, I’ve scouted all of them because they all can play and they’re all high, elite players.”

On Coach Mulkey’s comments about being comfortable back in the Ferrell Center:
“Comfortable? I mean they’re 15-0 at home. So I don’t know if anybody is comfortable. That was nice of her to say but I don’t know, only two people returned from the team two years ago. The other 13, 12, 11 players haven’t been on this floor. So I don’t think that was really a good assessment, but we’re going to come out and play. We played Hampton who was 25-3 this year and beat them. Like they told you, Memphis. We were tied with Kansas with two minutes left in the game. So, we’re going to come and see. Hopefully the team that showed up and competed in those games comes out and competes against Baylor..”

On building a schedule to allow a higher seeding:
“We try to get a preseason schedule that, number one, helps your RPI, games on the road will help you when you win on the road, not so much when you are at home and you only get certain points, but we try to get games that we’ll compete. The girls obviously play against higher level schools so that we are prepared when we do play in the SWAC, but it also helps you with these rankings. But if you can’t win those out of conference games, it’s not going to help you regardless. I definitely do believe, you can’t prepare for a Brittney Griner team. She changes the game offensively, defensively, your scheme. It just makes it so much easier for the girls on her team. She’s like a pioneer of the game. She’s changed the game for years to come.. But we had our men’s basketball player that’s 6’8 in practice a couple days during the week last week to try and emulate Brittney Griner, but there’s no emulating or imitating.”

Senior Guard/Forward Latia Williams

On the four overtime SWAC championship game:
“It was exciting. I told my roommate when we were watching the games before the championship that it’d be great if we go out with a close game or an overtime game, but I didn’t think it was going to go to four overtimes. It was exciting, and we had to push hard to get that win.”

On the experience of being a part of the NCAA tournament:
“It’s exciting. It’s my fourth one and Jeannette’s second one, so we’re excited and just trying to get through the first round. We’re going to compete. We’re ready.”

On preseason games preparing Prairie View for the tournament:
“Yes, they do, but we have to win. We compete with all our preseason opponents. We beat Memphis, so it’s a good experience. I think we’re going to be ready.”

Sophomore Guard Jeanette Jackson

On the experience of being a part of the NCAA tournament:
“It’s exciting for me too. It’s my second time coming. It’s a great experience and I look to being here more often.”

On preseason games preparing Prairie View for the tournament:
“Yes, it does help. It does help a lot. It prepares us for a faster and more competitive pace of basketball.”

On when the team came together cohesively:
“We were tired of losing, and we were ready to get on our high horse and start winning. We’re ready.”



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