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Florida State News Conference Quotes

March 25, 2013

 Head Coach Sue Semrau

On what it's going to take to beat Baylor:
"It's about how hard we play. The kids are really coming together at this point because of a lot of hard work in the off-season and during the season. It's fun to see them go out and play hard."

On her reaction to the Baylor game last night:
"Honestly, I was a bit surprised at some of the officiating. Not because it was in favor of one team or the other, but one of the things we as coaches battle is different officials from different conferences coming together. Think of how hard it must be for them. Some of them haven't seen each other before, and just like the chemistry that we need to have on the floor, the officiating crew needs to have that chemistry. I don't think that's something we've tackled yet in women's basketball."

On facing Odyssey Sims:
"We play a kid at Duke that was Odyssey's teammate, Alexis Jones. They remind me so much of each other. It's uncanny how similar the two of them are. I think Odyssey's a little bit more powerful, and obviously more experienced and more savvy. She's very, very special."

On how to defend against Baylor:
"They have great pressure. It starts with Odyssey and their wings. We used to have a kid back there that was 6'6" and it covers a lot of sins. You've got kids that drive by and then it's, "Hey, welcome to the paint." So we have some things we like to do and we'll make a few adjustments. The best thing about our team is that we're versatile. We don't have to play with a traditional style. I don't think that would be extremely effective against Baylor."

Senior Guard Morgan Toles

On watching Baylor yesterday and playing in Waco tomorrow:
"We watched them yesterday and they're a really good team. Waco's a tough place to play, but we're going to prepare today and get ready. We're all excited."

On how yesterday felt:
"It felt great just being on the floor again after about two weeks of not playing. There was a little bit of rust, but I think we shook it off. I think we're ready to play and today should be good for us, getting back on the practice floor and preparing for Baylor."

Junior Forward Natasha Howard

On facing Brittney Griner:
"We're not facing just Brittney Griner, we're facing the whole team. We have to come out prepared, starting today in practice and making sure we are on the same page today and starting tomorrow."

Senior Guard Alexa Deluzio

On mentality going into Tuesday:
"We're not really focused on what anyone else is saying. We're focused on our team and on competing in this second round game. We're focused on them as a team and how we can compete with them. That's it."

On how to pull off the upset:
"I think we obviously have to make shots and just continue playing team basketball. I'm not a part of the Baylor team, but I know on our team we talk about our team chemistry and I think that's very powerful. We want to just to go out and have fun and compete. It's March Madness, anything can happen, and we're prepared for that."



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