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Baylor News Conference Quotes

March 25, 2013

 Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On increasing size and athleticism in opponents as the tournament progresses:
"I think when I look at Florida State, I don't look at a big 6'5, 6'4 post player. I look at athletes more than I do just this huge, big body in there. I think they have a big enough body in there but I look at athletes that crash the boards. I look at two shooters on the wings that come off on ball screens. I look at two point guards that play together more than most teams. You usually substitute but they have many situations where both those guards are in the game together."

On keeping players grounded and preventing jealousy among players:
"What is there to be jealous of? Her ring size might be a little bit bigger than Odyssey's ring size but they still both get a ring. They knew coming here that they were all All-Americans. They didn't come leader. They didn't come here to become the all-time assists here to become the all-time scoring leader. They came here to win championships and you cannot win it by yourself. I've said it many times; Odyssey and Brittney never won a high school championship. They want to win. To me a true, confident competitor doesn't look at what's in front of them. They look at; `Man, I get to play with these guys and go do something special.' Now some kids don't come and play because they try and sit there and figure out, `Am I good enough? Am I going to get on the floor?' Well, truthfully do you want those kids on your club anyway? I say this all the time to kids I go and recruit, `I signed with Louisiana Tech out of high school when they had five returning starters from a Final Four team, three were freshmen, two were sophomores. That didn't faze me. I wanted to go play with them.' You have to be confident in what you do and the position that you play and all of them knew each other was coming. There were no secrets. We didn't walk into the locker room and they look at each other and go, `Well, what'd she tell you? Are you going to start? Am I going to start?' They want to play. They want to play. It's all about championships. It's not about stats."

On the accomplishment of this stretch of winning so many games at home:
"They're talented. We're talented. We're fortunate to play in an area that appreciates the product on the floor. But playing at home doesn't win games for us. Those kids have to go in, night in and night out. You really forget how hard it is to play at this intense, high level, night in and night out and not have a slip up. When you look at the career of these seniors here, it's pretty amazing that they can continue to play at such a high level, regardless of the opponent. Now I didn't say we played good every night, but they do play hard every night with a target on them. That's something that is within them; that they're competitors and they know what they're going to face. And to do it, night in and night out, is tough. But they seem to be able to do it."

Senior Post Brittney Griner

On her last game in the Ferrell Center:
"It will be more emotional than Senior Night, because I knew then that I had more games there. I love playing here and I am going to miss it."

On having 15 career dunks:
"I don't really think about the number. If it wasn't for my teammates, I would probably only have five. I just go out there and play."

Senior Forward Destiny Williams

On playing Florida State:
"I enjoy the bracket because you get to play teams that you don't normally get to play. It can be hard playing the same teams over and over, and this will be a great challenge. Florida State has great players and a great coach. It will be a good challenge for us."

On Odyssey Sims' passing ability:
"Everyone knows about her defense, but during her time at Baylor she has really improved her assist-to-turnover ratio. There have been a couple of games this season where Odyssey has had no turnovers and she will only continue to improve."

Junior Guard Odyssey Sims

On Florida State:
"Florida State is a team full of athletes. They have great shooters. A point guard who can get by you on the dribble, and a four and a five who can rebound very well. We are going to have to keep them off the boards and keep them out of the paint."

On starting at point guard her freshman season:
"Coming in as a freshman and being thrown into the fire, the way that I was, was a very difficult thing to do. I had a lot of turnovers early on and Coach Mulkey has really helped me understand the assist-to-turnover ratio and it has really helped me become a better point guard."



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