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Four Questions

July 8, 2008

What has your first couple of weeks been like?
Ashley - Great, I love it here! I was very nervous at first, but everyone is so nice and helpful.
Brianna - Amazing!!
Cherrish - Fun because I really like my teammates and we have formed a good bond.
Lindsay - Busy!
Morghan - One of the most memorable moments of my life.
Terran - Fun, exciting and hard work.
Whitney - It was great, everyone was just so friendly that it made the adjustment that much easier.

What has been your biggest adjustment so far?
Ashley - Weights.
Brianna - Being away from home.
Cherrish - Being away from home and the change in the weather!
Lindsay - Time and money management.
Morghan - The weather.
Terran - Working out.
Whitney - The weight program. It is more intense and has a whole different philosophy.

What has been your biggest surprise so far?
Ashley - How my teammates are so helpful and friendly.
Cherrish - How quickly I have adapted.
Lindsay - The family atmosphere of the program.
Morghan - I have found out that Waco is not boring.
Terran - How fast we have to do workouts (weight room).
Whitney - Just the enthusiasm for the women's basketball program here, the support from the fans is huge!!

What made you choose to come to Baylor?
Ashley - Coach Mulkey. Also, I have always liked Baylor so when the opportunity came to play here, I took it.
Brianna - It was the best program for the style of play I like.
Cherrish - The people/coaching staff; they make me feel at home.
Lindsay - The intensity and winning attitude portrayed by the coaches and players.
Morghan - The coaching staff.
Terran - I love the atmosphere, I love how all the coaches have winning spirits, the Big 12 and I want to help them win another championship.
Whitney - I chose to come to Baylor because it has become a very successful program with great coaches and players.



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