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Women's Basketball

Lady Bears Preseason Media Day Quotes

Oct. 17, 2009

Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On the focus of practice to start the season...
"We are teaching all phases of the game. We are teaching defense, offense, inbounds, terminology--we are teaching everything. It has been a long time since we have had this much youth. I don't know that I really like practices that go over two hours but it is necessary as long as they are listening, understanding and learning."

On playing at Tennessee to open the season...
"I am honored that we were asked. I think it is an honor for Baylor University to be considered one of the elite programs in the country. Only two teams were asked to participate in that game. While I'm not sure Tennessee is exactly who you would want to open up with on their home floor, it is still an honor. As I told the players, we are not focusing on the beginning of the season. Let's start the season with the end in mind--that is what you play for."

On being tabbed first in the Big 12 poll...
"Being picked first in the preseason Big 12 poll is a sign of respect for our program. As I told the players, honestly I wouldn't have voted for our team to be first because we are too inexperienced. We haven't earned that. There are teams that have some returning players and there are teams that have all of their returning players in the starting lineup. We haven't proven a thing yet. That vote was probably because you have (Brittney) Griner at 6'8, the number one recruiting class and we do have some quality returning players. I certainly don't want to diminish that we were picked first because we would certainly rather be picked one than twelve like we were when we got here ten years ago. We haven't earned it yet. We have to go out there and grow up."

On the leadership of Kelli Griffin...
"It is so much fun to remember and reflect back to teach the young players. When Kelli (Griffin) was a freshman and she had to learn from Angela Tisdale, Kelli wasn't very good on the defensive end of the floor. When we are getting on these freshmen about their defense, we remind them to go talk to Kelli Griffin because she went through the same thing that you are going through now. One day you will be where Kelli is and be an upperclassman that teaches another freshman class."

On Brittney Griner...
"I think that there is no way in the world that anybody who knows this basketball game can expect Brittney Griner to go out there and dominate as a freshman. She will be able to do things that most girls can't do because she is 6'8 and it comes natural to her. Brittney will quickly tell you that she is excited because what is around her. Brittney Griner will make those players better because she will demand a lot of attention on the defensive end of the floor."

Junior Guard Melissa Jones

On the expectations for the season...
"Our expectations for this season are definitely extremely high and we have a lot that we need to prove for this team. We are very young. We have a majority of all freshman and sophomores. With Mo (Morghan Medlock) being the senior I think we all look up to her and we are really excited about all that we have talent wise. We just need that experience from our returners to take affect for our freshman to learn quickly, then, I think we will be alright."

Senior Forward Morghan Medlock

On being the only senior in the program...
"I think I learned a lot last year. Being able to play last year is not common for transfers to come and play immediately. I think it actually worked out in my favor. Even though this is only my second year in the program, I still feel like I am a senior and with all of the experience that I have I think it will help me help the young guys on the court."

Freshman Post Brittney Griner

On getting acclimated to the college level...
"I feel like I have high expectations. I just try not to think about that really too much. I am just trying to learn everything and get adjusted to the college level of playing, conditioning and getting ready to play.



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