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WBB - Lady Bears Adopt Local Youth

Jordan Madden, Kimetria Hayden and Odyssey Sims with the Klepper girls.

Nov. 28, 2011

WACO, Texas - The Baylor Lady Bears have adopted a local Lady Bear fan Haley Klepper and her sister Hannah.

For four years, Haley has suffered from an undiagnosed condition. She has undergone virtually every test known to the medical field and has been to specialists worldwide and no diagnosis has been found. Haley, a completely healthy and active child at six, has become a 10-year-old who suffers from tremors, is losing her hearing and can't walk.

"Once I heard Haley's story, I knew we had to take her under our wing," said head coach Kim Mulkey. "She needs us and we need her. Haley is an example of a strong spirited young lady with a strong faith who can teach our players something about how to deal with adversity and keep a positive attitude. She's a joyful young person but if we can bring even more joy to her life, we want to do it. "

Haley, her sister Hannah and her parents Greg and Brenda, will come to as many Lady Bear games and practices as Haley's health will allow.

So, Lady Bear fans, if you see a young girl in a stroller with the Lady Bears, make sure you say "hi" to Haley, she's very special to the team.



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