EQ Closes Out Regular Season With Wins

April 4, 2009

WACO, Texas - The third-ranked Baylor equestrian team closed out its regular season on Saturday at the Willis Family Equestrian Center, claiming a 10-2 Hunter Seat victory over SMU and a 6-3 Western win over Ohio State. SMU fields only a hunter seat squad while Ohio State is a club team that is affiliated with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).

In addition, Baylor's six seniors, Nicole Brown, Kim Marlowe, Nicole McCoy, Michelle Reynolds, Shelby White and Cara Wilson, each received a rose from the Willis Family in senior ceremonies and five of the six riders claimed wins for the Lady Bears.

The freshman class was well-represented as rookies Meghan Murphy and Amber Mooney earned MVP honors in horsemanship and reining, respectively, while Lisa Goldman and Kara Fergusson rode to victory in Equitation Over Fences.

"The girls really rode well today, that was a nice sweep in Flat for us, we rode beautifully. In Fences the girls were very poised and polished, I'm glad to see them riding that well at the end of the year because that shows we're ready for the championships, we're ready to win a championship," said head coach Ellen White.

Junior Heather Healy produced the top score of the day with a ride of 83 on Copper which earned her Fences MVP honors en route to a 4-2 BU win. Also earning points in fences were Brown, Fergusson and Goldman.



Mary Smitson, a junior, claimed MVP honors with an 80-point ride in Equitation of the Flat. In fact, the Lady Bears blanked SMU, 6-0, in the event with wins by White, Healy, Wilson, Whitney McIlvain and Margaret Beadoin.

In addition to Murphy's MVP ride in horsemanship, Lindsey Tomko, Lindsay Douglas and McCoy also rode to victory in Baylor's 4-0 horsemanship win. Mooney posted the top score in reining with her 74.5 point ride on Dually, while Reynolds added a point for Baylor.

The Lady Bears will now prepare for the Varsity Equestrian National Championships which will be held April 16-18 at the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo Complex in Waco.

Equitation over Fences
Lisa Goldman (BU) def. Lauren Lieberman (SMU) 82-77
Erica Buie (SMU) def. Katie Ross (BU) 79-74
Kara Fergusson (BU) def. Lucy Needham (SMU) 80-75
Nicole Brown (BU) def. Jordyn Petterson (SMU) 82-77
Claire Wenholz (SMU) def. Kendra Vicary (BU) 78-77
Heather Healy (BU) def. Emily Gardner (SMU) 83-79

Total: Baylor 4, SMSU 2
MVP: Heather Healy, Baylor

Equitation on the Flat
Margaret Beaudoin (BU) def. Jordyn Pettersen (SMU) 77-65
Whitney McIlvain (BU) def. Amanda Vining (SMU) 68-63
Cara Wilson (BU) def. Melissa Kowalchik (SMU) 71-62
Heather Healy (BU) def. Laura Ratliff (SMU) 70-44
Shelby White (BU) def. Emily Gardner (SMU) 78-66
Mary Smitson (BU) def. Kristen Collins (SMU) 80-62

Total: Baylor 6, SMU 0
MVP: Mary Smitson, BU

English Total: Baylor 10, SMU 2

Meghan Ritchey (OSU) def. Katie Buss (BU) 72.5-68.5
Keith Ceddia (OSU) def. Valtie Riddle (BU) 71.5-70
Amber Mooney (BU) def. Brittany Wilcox (OSU) 74.5-67
Michelle Reynolds (BU) def. Hilary Bedford (OSU) 69-67
Sarah Phillips (OSU) def. Kim Marlowe (BU) 70.5-73.5

Total: Ohio State 3, Baylor 2
MVP: Amber Mooney, BU

Allison Orosz (BU) vs. Lauren Smanik (OSU) Tied 73.5-73.5
Lindsey Tomko (BU) def. Whitney Marietti (OSU) 73-70.5
Lindsey Douglas (BU) def. Hilary Bedford (OSU) 75.5-72.5
Meghan Murphy (BU) def. Beth Bianco (OSU) 74.5-68
Nicole McCoy (BU) def. Danielle Nichter (OSU) 75-70.5

Total: Baylor 4, Ohio State 0
MVP: Meghan Murphy, BU

Western Total: Baylor 6, Ohio State 3

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