English Riders Compete For Seventh Place

April 21, 2006

ALBUQUERQUE, Texas - Baylor's English riders were defeated this morning by South Carolina, who was given a bye in the first round, at the Varsity Equestrian National Championships in Albuquerque, N.M. The second-seeded Gamecocks outscored 10th-seeded Baylor 773-687 in the first round bye bracket. The loss placed the Bears in the consolation bracket where Baylor rode against sixth-seeded Texas A&M but again was defeated, 735-692. The English team still has a chance to place as high as seventh in the tournament which is hosted by New Mexico State and held at the EXPO/New Mexico State/Fair Grounds. Baylor will ride against Oklahoma State tomorrow in its final round.

While riding against South Carolina, Baylor's freshman Nicole Brown was the team's high-point rider for the second-straight day with 127 points earned on her Equitation over Fences ride. For the Equitation on the Flat portion, freshman Susie Foster scored a team-high 136 points. But two Gamecocks were able to earn overall high-point scores. Sara Lowe scored an outstanding 145 points in her Fences ride while Kristen Terebesi barely edged Foster's Flat score with 138 points.

Consolation competition took place this afternoon as the Bears rode against Texas A&M. Even though Foster recorded the highest score from both teams on her Fences ride, 118 points, Baylor lost to the Aggies 735-692. The Bears' high-point rider in the Flat course was Brown with 137 points. The Aggie with the highest Flat score between the two teams was Erica Palomo who racked up 158 points.

Tomorrow Baylor will compete for seventh place as the Bears are ready to face fourth-seeded Oklahoma State. Baylor has competed against Oklahoma State a number of times this season but never in a head-to-head style show. The Cowgirls were given a bye in the first round but were then upset by fifth-seeded Auburn in the first bye round. In the consolation bracket, ninth-seeded Kansas State narrowly escaped and posted a win over Oklahoma State by only 57 points.



In the English championship, fifth-seeded Auburn and second-seeded South Carolina will ride for the title. As for the Western bracket, fourth-seeded Oklahoma State and seventh-seeded Auburn will battle for the title.

Baylor's results for tomorrow's round will be posted at www.baylorbears.com while full tournament results can be found at www.nmstatesports.com.

Varsity National Championships
April 21, 2006 - All Day
Albuquerque, N.M.
Baylor's Results - First Round, Bye

First Round
(2) South Carolina, 773 def. (10) Baylor, 687

Baylor Rider - Score - Horse - Score - South Carolina Rider
Equitation over Fences
Cara Wilson - 112 - Oscar - 145 - Sara Lowe
Nicole Brown - 127 - Charlie - 109 - Kelly Cambell
Susie Foster - 108 - Hamlet - 137 - Kristen Terebesi
Shelby White - 99 - Barry - 133 - Tara Brothers
Equitation on the Flat
Shelby White - 105 - Ralph - 111 - Lindsey Pace
Susie Foster - 136 - Tupelo - 65 - Tara Brothers
Nicole Brown - 85 - Lazaro - 138 - Kristen Terebesi
Baylor - 687
South Carolina - 773

Second Round (Consolation)
(6) Texas A&M, 735 def. (10) Baylor, 692
Baylor Rider - Score - Horse - Score - Texas A&M Rider
Equitation over Fences
Susie Foster - 118 - Ichibon - 101 - Courtney Brooks
Cara Wilson - 110 - Alex - 104 - Ann Marie Reubin
Nicole Brown - 86- Aloha - 93 - Colleen O'Neill
Shelby White - 109 - Tupelo - 87 - Erica Palomo
Equitation on the Flat
Susie Foster - 105 - Glacier - 150 - Erin Ivy
Nicole Brown - 137 - Felicity - 129 - Colleen O'Neill
Shelby White - 113 - Oscar - 158 - Erica Palomo
Baylor - 692
Texas A&M - 735

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