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Baylor draws with SMU, Mustangs take tiebreaker in scrimmage

Baylor tied 11-11 with SMU in Saturday's scrimmage, but the Mustangs to the win in a tie-breaker

Sept. 14, 2013

The Baylor Equestrian team opened its season with an 11-11 tie with SMU, but the Mustangs were ruled the victor with a tie breaker in raw scores. Baylor earned a total of 1187.25 points while SMU earned a total of 1460 points.


The meet began with a 3-3 tie in fences. Jennifer Mitchell (80), Alicia Gasser (82) and Sue Carol Thompson (80) all contributed points for Baylor.


Losing 4-2in flat, BU fell behind SMU, however, Sahara Reiz’s 87 earned Most Outstanding Player honors while Alicia Gasser’s 83 also earned a point for the Bears.


The meet continued with a 3-2 victory for Baylor in horsemanship. Jessica Leach’s 74 earned MOP honors, while Alex Ryan (70.5) and Erica Rodenski (70) also contributed points for the win. 


The Bears tied things up in reining with a 3-2 win. Jessica Leach earned MOP honors for the second time with a score of 71.5. Rounding out the win for Baylor, both Elizabeth Shank (69) and Clair Ulhman (68) won their points.


“I’m really excited for Jessica Leach who was MOP for Horsemanship and Reining,” said head coach Ellen White. “And then also for Sahara Reiz ,. She has just been so nervous, and I was a little worried about it, but when it came down to the time, she just nailed it.”




Looking ahead,  Baylor will play host to the Willis Invitational September 27-28, wherethey are five-time defending champions.


“Willis Invitational is all hands on dec;, there are four schools here and it goes like a circus. We have to know who our riders are, in place and line up. Now we know some of the freshman we can put in,” White said. “I think they learned some things this time, so if they just keep improving, we’re good to go.”


The meet will begin at 10 a.m. Friday.

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