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Oct. 3, 2008

What are the goals and expectations for this year?
"We have kind of gone through a little rebuilding. We only have one senior on the team, however, so we are still quite young. We want to be top five in the Big 12. We want to have a chance to be in that final threesome on that last day. We missed out on regionals last year for the first time in eight years, so we want to get back to postseason play."

How do you get back to the postseason?
"We are trying to take each tournament one at a time. We have played two and we have come home each time evaluating our weakness. We have setup some really good practice sessions, where we are right there eyeballing and giving them positive feedback about what's going on. Short game, putting, the things that when your not striking it well, you can still score. Short game has been one of our main emphasis in our practice sessions."

What has changed since you started coaching at Baylor?
"The last two years the level of play has stepped up tremendously. Right now we are scoring under 300, which is really good for women's collegiate golf, and we are still just out of the top 50 out of 225 programs. But, we will meet the challenge of that. My goal is to get beyond regionals... so what I have tried to do is recruit distance and athleticism. Distance is crucial, so you have to find the athletes with a golf club in their hand. That has been my recruiting emphasis the last two years."

What is the nicest course you have ever played?
"Well Rigdewood Country Club in Waco, Texas and Twin Rivers Golf Club. They are great courses. You have to have all the shots in your bag. I would be happy to pack my clubs and be out there today."

What is the proudest moment during your coaching career?
"It has to be finishing 5th at the 2004 regionals and having that first time trip to nationals with our team. I had gone there with individuals, but not with a team. We played very well at nationals. We have had a lot of wins and seeing individuals win like Hannah Burke last fall after struggling with a swing change. Having her shoot a 67 that last day and walking with her and seeing her do that is a very vivid memory for me. That was great."



Besides playing golf what did you do this summer?
"I did some hiking at our cottage in Wisconsin, did a lot of flower gardening, and I love to go antiquing."

Compiled by Sean Doerre, Media Relations Student Assistant

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