Betty Lou Mays Field Undergoes Renovations

July 13, 2007

Betty Lou Mays Field Photo Gallery

Thanks to a generous gift from the Troy Mays Foundation, the off-season for the Baylor soccer program has seen a number of changes to Betty Lou Mays Soccer Field as about $250,000 worth of improvements have been made to Bear's home soccer stadium.

"We have always been so proud of our field and the location on the beautiful Brazos River. We always felt that it was better than most soccer fields in the country," head coach George Van Linder said. "With these additions, we clearly are in the upper echelon of soccer fields in the country."

Thanks to the gift by the Troy Mays Foundation, a gated fence has been placed along the perimeter of the stadium to enclose the soccer field. The fence is supported by a number of brick-laid posts that are similar to those seen around the Baylor campus.

In addition, a brick façade has been placed around the stands and the press box. The improvements give the facility more of a "stadium-feel" and is the latest in a long list of upgrades to Baylor's home soccer facility.

"We are so grateful to the Troy Mays Foundation and the support they have shown. I can't imagine where we would be without them," Van Linder said. "This will have a tremendous impact on the future of Baylor Soccer and is something that everyone associated with Baylor Soccer can feel proud about for years to come."

To get a better idea of the improvements made at Betty Lou Mays Soccer Stadium, please click on the photo gallery link above.



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