Coaches' Luncheon Quotes - Sept. 7

Sept. 7, 2004

Head football coach Guy Morriss
On Saturday's loss
"They need to atone for the way we played the other night, they weren't happy with it, which I was glad to see them take some accountability for their play. I really got the feeling that they are excited about getting back on the field today and getting ready to play and play well this Saturday during the home opener. I think our attitude is good."

"The thing that disappointed me and the staff...we played not go get beat, rather than go out and play to win. I think that's our biggest mistake that we made. Our schemes are sound. I think both coordinators did a good job on calling the game....For some reason we are just a little bit hesitant, we almost froze at times rather than just go ahead and go all out to the ball...but on the bright side, I don't think we saw anything on tape that we can't fix.

"The effort was pretty good. It was not like an inspired effort which we started getting accustomed to toward the end of the season last year. We had some bad things happen to us and we made some mistakes, but our kids didn't quit. They didn't drop their heads. I don't question any of our kids efforts, they were giving us good effort. I just think we got whipped a little up front."

On Texas State
`The schedule is what it is and it doesn't really make a difference who we're playing. We've just got to get ready to play period and that's what we are going to focus on. It's nice to play at home . . . they (Texas State) just happen to be next on the schedule. It seems to me that the kids at Texas State really believe in Coach Baliff and what they are trying to get done. They seem to be playing pretty hard. Their emphasis is on speed. They have got a pretty quick, fast football team. They're small, but they are playing hard and they really run the football...I think that we ought to match up pretty well with them."

"If you step on a football field and you are not ready to play I don't care who you are or who you are playing against, you can get beat any given Saturday. Our kids, I think, understand that. I don't see any reason why we would be overlooking anybody."

On the difference in this year's and last year's team
"I know we're a better football team... Like I've said before that might not mean that we're going to win more games... We've come a long way."

On playing at home
"You don't have to travel and other distractions like that...I hope we fill (Floyd Casey Stadium) up and I hope it's rockin'. Our guys get to play in front of people cheering for them and also in front of the students."

Head volleyball coach Jim Barnes

On the opening week
"We didn't have a start like we wanted. I think it just shows that we're starting three new players of the six on the court are new to the starting roles and five of the starters are in new positions. What happened to us is we broke down at different times with all these new players at new positions.

On the upcoming schedule
This is a big week for us, we have a home match tomorrow against Pan- American who just played Oklahoma this weekend, and they went five. So a real close match with a Big 12 opponent and this could do wonders for us if we continue to play better and if we can beat this team I think it would do wonders for the ladies to beat them and beat them in shorter than five games and give them some confidence. This weekend at Sam Houston we have four matches which is quite a bit of matches in one weekend, but we need it, we've got a lot of learning to do...Once we can get a little more confidence out there I think our athleticism will help us win matches."

Head soccer coach George Van Linder

On the win over Iowa
"This weekend was a good weekend for us overall, despite what it looks like with the results. We're excited about beating Iowa, to get our first win of the year. It was a good opportunity for our freshmen to get a positive experience at the college soccer level.

On this week's match
Friday we play TCU, which is a good chance for us to see what we can do with that. TCU is a big rivalry, a big game, and we're glad we're playing them at home so we should hopefully have some opportunities to get on the scoreboard again and hopefully the lessons we learned this last weekend will pay off there.



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