A View from the Sidelines with George Van Linder - Oct. 3

Oct. 3, 2006

Baylor 3, Iowa State 0
Going into the Iowa State game we knew that we had to win. Close losses don't mean anything to the team or the coaching staff. Even though we played well in our losses to Texas A&M and Texas, they were still losses. We knew the team would one day explode with some more offensive firepower and glad this day finally arrived. I think we all felt as a team we really did turn the page on the season. Lauren Weathers had a great first career goal as well as Pat Roscovius. It also was great for the defense to celebrate another shutout. They have worked so hard the first part of the year and have come just short so many times.

Baylor 3, #17 Missouri 0
Needless to say, recent history wasn't on our side going into our second Big 12 game of the weekend. It had been awhile since we won two Big 12 games in a row and a long time since we beat a team on the road, and then just for good measure even longer since we beat a top 25 team. Also, we had not beat Missouri in a long time. We did not tell any of the players those facts. I don't think it would have mattered if we did, they were determined to prove to everyone that this wasn't a one night wonder. We talked about how the good teams in the Big 12 always win on Sunday. Anna Schuch got another goal as well as our only other senior Missy McConnell. It was great to see last year's leading scorer, Amanda McGrath get her first goal of the season as we came away with another great win.

Nebraska vs. Baylor
Nebraska continues to be a powerhouse in the Big 12 as they have a lot of quality players on their squad. Brittany Timko has been someone we have watched since her junior year in high school. We are glad this is her senior year as she will continue to be a standout for the Canadian national team. This will also be our first year at their new soccer facility on campus. They have a beautiful facility away from campus; but, recently built a new facility on campus. If we hope to win this game, we must play with the intensity we have played with in our last three games, anything less and it simply won't be good enough.

At the moment, we are 2-2 in the Big 12, which in this conference isn't bad. Nebraska will be the fifth of 10, Big 12 games on the schedule and finishing the first half of the schedule with a 3-2 record wouldn't be a bad start. We hope we can build on our success and have some better results in the second part of the Big 12 season. After our first four Big 12 games, we are very optimistic about the future but we know that opposing Big 12 coaches are really just raising an eyebrow at our results and most likely wonder if we are `for real.' As a team, we will only consider ourselves `for real' with another three-to-four wins.

We arrived back at Baylor from our Missouri trip on Sunday night around midnight. I checked my e-mail and couldn't believe the number of Baylor fans who sent notes of congratulations! We really appreciate you following us, either in the stands or over the web. It means so much to the team, and we are going to continue to work hard to make sure you have more weekends like this to enjoy.

Sic'em Bears!
George Van Linder



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