Bear Facts

Oct. 12, 2007


Megan Sherrell
Women's Soccer
Senior, Forward

When did you start playing your sport?
When I was four or five years old

Who has had the greatest impact on your career?
My sister, who also a collegiate soccer player

What is the best part of being a college athlete?
All of my friends, the places we get to visit, the experience, and free food

Favorite sport other than your own?

What is your nickname on the team?

After meeting Coach Van Linder, what was you first thought?
He's extremely funny and easy to talk to



If you could play a different position, what would it be?

Do you have a pre-game ritual, if so what is it?
I drink an energy drink and Rose, Ashley and I do the Soldier Boy dance

What is the most unique item in your locker?
Tiger Balm

What is the funniest moment from Baylor practice?
Pat Roscovius tripped on a small root and was hurt for a while

Who are your favorite sports heroes?
Champ Bailey and John Elway

What is your most embarrassing sports moment?
Last weekend, someone pants me and I mooned the crowd

What opposing schools do you most look forward to competing against?
Any Big 12 school, but especially ATM and Texas

What is one thing Coach Van Linder always tells you?
To stop laughing so loudly

What is your favorite team road trip?
The last away game because some girls sing and dance on the bus

Who is your biggest fan?
My mom

Why did you choose to attend Baylor?
I wanted to play in the Big 12 and it is close to home

What's the most important thing you've learned as a Baylor athlete?
Time management

What single thing will you most miss about Baylor when you leave?
All of my friends and teammates

Who is your all-time favorite Baylor athlete?
Ashley Noah

What is one thing you would change about Baylor?
I would put it in a cool city like Dallas, Austin, or Denver

What are three words that describe you?
Outgoing, loud, and funny

What song is stuck in your head right now?
"Bartender" by Akon

What is your favorite T.V. show?

Name one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you.
That I am related to Pee Wee Herman

Name one thing you can't go a week without.

What is your dream job?
Sports marketing for the Denver Broncos

What's your most valued possession?
My two hermit crabs

Best non-athletic talent?
Riding unicorns

Favorite musical artist?

Any superstitions?
Step on a crack, break your mother's back

Biggest fear?
Brittney Spears losing custody of her children

Favorite food?

Worst movie you've seen?
Crossroads, it was so bad that it was good

Best opposing Big 12 fans?

Movies or TV?


Inflatable Judge or Bruiser?

Daytime or Nighttime?

Penland or Memorial?

Cars or Trucks?

compiled by Daniel Patiño, Athletic Media Relations student assistant



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