Timeout With Megan Humke

Oct. 23, 2008


Megan Humke

What goals and expectations have the team made for this year?
"To get better with every practice, to make sure that we are working hard the whole time and keeping the intensity really high throughout the game. This year we would love to make it to the Big 12 Tournament and the NCAA Championship. The biggest thing is that we have to continue getting better everyday. We're rebuilding this program this year, and it's an exciting time. We are training our hearts and giving everything we have every single game."

What is the most positive thing you have see from your team so far this season?
"How our hearts have grown and how everybody really does, whether or not it's the girls who play 90 minutes all the way to people who wish that they could play more, give everything they have on and off the field. That's being really exciting to see that growth, and to see us grow as a team and with our work ethic."

How do you feel about the chemistry of the team this year?
"It is unbelievable! I really have 27 of the best friends that I've had on my team since I've been here. Everybody cares passionately about each other, and really do try their hardest. I think everyone works for each other to make sure we are all working for one another and not being selfish."

How do you keep the same level of intensity throughout the entire season?
"I think that comes from the help of our other teammates. I don't think that one person can do it individually. The entire teams has to bring that the entire time. Obviously, there are going to be times where your switch starts to go off, but the good thing is you've got everyone behind you reminding you that you need to push it and bring it. I think the biggest thing is that our coaches and teammates push us."



How do you believe the program has progressed since you got here?
"Our team is such a stronger team, and we have fought so hard. It's been cool to see. I think the biggest thing for our team has been mentally and emotionally. Mentally our team has grown a ton. That is what is most important in the game, that you have the heart to push through. I think our hearts have grown so much and have become a tougher team and aren't scared of anybody. The coaches have done an amazing job with that."

When you have a day off, what do you like to do?
"Well today is actually my day off, so I took a little nap and got to run errands. I'm so busy with soccer and school that I got to fit all my errands into today. I get to hang out with my friends, who I don't get to see much during the week, and I get to watch Oprah actually. It's just a very relaxing day, and it's really great."

Compiled by Drew Morrill, Media Relations Student Assistant

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