Bear Facts: Alex Colyer

Feb. 5, 2009



Alex Colyer
Senior, Infielder

When did you start playing your sport?
Since I was 9 years old

Who has had the greatest impact on your career?
My parents overall, but in college it's been Brandon Marcello

What is the best part of being a college athlete?
The little perks that we get for being on the team

Favorite sport other than your own?

What is your nickname on the team and why?
"Col-yer mamma" or "Pearls"

If you could play a different position, what would it be?
Pitcher, it's the one spot I haven't played yet

Who are your favorite sports heroes?
Jessica Mendoza--Olympic softball player

What is the highlight of your sports career?
My Homerun against Arizona when they were ranked number 1, it won us the game.

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome?
The challenges of freshman year and being a full time student and athlete

What opposing schools do you most look forward to competing against?
Texas A&M and Oklahoma

What is one thing Coach Moore always tells you?
Be a leader.

What is your favorite team road trip?
Oklahoma City

Who is your biggest fan?
My beautiful, loving mother, dad and brother

Why did you choose to attend Baylor?
They have a great pre-med program and their good softball program was the icing on the cake

What's the most important thing you've learned as a Baylor athlete?
Always exceed expectations



What single thing will you most miss about Baylor when you leave?
My roommate, the facilities and amenities, the campus

What is one thing you would change about Baylor?
The intensity of football fans. It is not as high as is expected of a Big 12 school or Division 1 school in general, but I think its getting better.

As a role model to young athletes, what advice can you give?
Academics are just as important as athletics.

What song is stuck in your head right now?
"My Sherona"

What is your favorite T.V. show?
CSI: New York

What is your dream job?
Being an Orthopedic Surgeon

What song is playing in your MP3 player right now?
Untouched by The Veronicas

Best non-athletic talent?
My time management skills.

Favorite musical artist?
Randy Rogers

Biggest fear?

Biggest pet-peeve?
When people aren't on time

Worst movie you've seen?
The remake of "The Sandlot." It ruined a classic.

Best opposing Big 12 fans?
Texas A&M

Movies or TV?


Inflatable Judge or Bruiser?

Daytime or Nighttime?

Cars or Trucks?

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