Jordan's Journal #1

Feb. 20, 2008

Whose house?! OUR HOUSE! Whose house?! OUR HOUSE! Whose house?! OUR HOUSE! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is what you would hear us chanting in our locker room just before we take the field for warm-up.


On game days we get to the field three hours before game time. For the first hour and a half we take care of what we need to individually. We all eat!!! Other than that some of us get treatment on injuries, put our makeup on, or we may listen to our IPOD and take some alone time. An hour and a half before our game is when we do our chant.


Something to know about our team is we love tradition. We gather around our rug but NEVER step on the ball of our rug. On our way out we give our good luck bear Max a pat on the head and then give a high five to the bear paw on the rock outside. Then warm-up starts...


On our team the warm-up is taken very seriously but we have a good time doing it. We stretch and then go to the pavilion to hit. Our hitting time consists of listening to loud music and listening to Maritza and Brette joke around with Coach Lumley. Don't get me wrong, we work hard and take our hitting very seriously; we just have a good time doing it! Then it's game time!




This weekend went well. There were some ups and downs. We had times where our play wasn't very good, but we know what we need to work on. We also had some great times and great opportunities to see our potential. Until next time...




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