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Coach Glenn Moore Chat Wrap

May 1, 2001

Head softball coach Glenn Moore sat down Tuesday afternoon and chatted with fans online. The following is a transcript of the chat session.

For archived transcripts of earlier chats, click here.

Bernell McGehee: 1. What has been the most enjoyable part of your first year at Baylor? 2. Where have you seen the most improvement in your team this year? 3. What do you perceive as the greatest need for improvement next year and has your recruiting addressed those needs? 4. Did your Mom have a nice visit this past week-end?

Glenn Moore: Achieving a national ranking and maintaining that for five weeks has been very rewarding. Implementing a new system and having a team accept that system and improve from it has been very rewarding as well.

I think coming together as a team, learning to play with each other and as a unit rather than as individuals has been the biggest improvement.

We need team speed, and yes, we have addressed that. In our early signing we've signed two that have incredible speed, and we hope to sign a couple more that will add to that as well.

Yes, she did. Tell Mandy hello.


Glenn Moore: Yes, we have what we believe to be the most successful recruiting year as a staff thus far, addressing the needs of the program quite well. The future looks good.

Jason Matthews: I understand your whole staff came with you from LSU. Has that been a big part of your successful season this year?

Glenn Moore: Yes, definitely. To have three of the top coaches in the country working with you covers up a lot of your mistakes. Each of my assistants had great job offers before deciding to come to Baylor, and have had some offers since. I feel very fortunate to have this staff.

Lynn Conrad: I have a 7 year old daughter who is very interested in pitching and watches the catcher get pitching signals from a coach and watches her give them to the pitcher. What age is too young to start a girl pitching? What is the youngest age of a camper at your camps and are there any camps planned for the summer?

Glenn Moore: Our campers range in ages 7-grade 12. For more camp information, click here.

I don't think you can start a pitcher too early. It just depends on the intensity of the workout, and keeping in mind that burnout could be a factor as well.

Geauxbears: How has your experience at Baylor been so far? I know that you have done some good things this season. The Top 25 and 38 wins are a big accomplishment for Baylor softball. Do you think your girls are ready and fired up for the Big 12 tourney and a possible regional bid? Do we have some good newcomers to look forward to next year?

Glenn Moore: Being at Baylor is a dream come true for me and my family. We were in a bit of a slump the last few weeks as a team, but we seem to be coming out of it at the right time. i believe the girls are excited about our postseason possibilities. Being one of the top 6 teams to attend the Big 12 Tournament without a play-in is a huge step in the right direction for this program. We know that if we win a game or two, it increases our chances of postseason play.

One of our areas in deficiency is pitching. With Joni Miller having pitched almost 40 games for us, we had to address depth at that position. We've signed Kristin Vitek, who is a lefty with tremendous potential. She is a drop-ball pitcher with good speed and great command of her pitches. April Luce and Carrie Leerberg (IF/OF) will both add speed and offense. Stephanie Pomes (SS) is expected to add power from both sides of the plate. This is a great recruiting class, and will improve our athleticism.

Bernell: Hi Glenn, Compare the Big12 to the SEC and specifically how do you like the 2 game rather than 3 game series with each team?

Glenn Moore: The conferences are similar. While I feel overall the pitching is a little stronger in the Big 12, I feel the hitting may be a little weaker.

I'm still unsure of my opinion of the two-game vs. three-game format. However, it has helped our conference, as many of the teams have only one pitcher.

freddie blue: i really, would really want to know if a kid in the 8th grade that can bench press 225 and weigh 215 and can run a 5 .3 in the 40 have a good chance to be scouted at youll college

Glenn Moore: When we're recruiting, each year as our needs change our desires have to change with that. So one year, we may address the need for team speed, and the next year, power. We look for great attitudes and a tremendous love for the game, as well as a strong academic background. We like to recruit athletes from winning programs.

Jim Wright: I am a novice softball fan, but apparently pitching is a lot different from baseball. In baseball, we hear how you monitor pitch counts to conserve arms. In softball, apparently it is common to pitch your ace (in our case Joni Miller) in back to back games. In general terms, is an ace as effective in a second game as the first? Are you pitching her back to back out of necessity (lack of pitching) or is it pretty common to do this? Thanks.

Glenn Moore: The mechanics of a windmill pitch are natural, and the mechanics of an overhand baseball pitch are learned. The wear and tear on a pitcher's arm in softball is much less than that in baseball. The recovery time is shortened, thus allowing a pitcher to throw back to back games.

Many times a pitcher will be more effective in the second game. It depends on conditioning and their mental game. It is common to pitch a girl back to back, but obviously, you would like to have more than one pitcher. Joni just gives us the best opportunity to win ballgames right now.

The Weasel: Since you have the ability to pitch both left-handed and right-handed, some of us are wondering whether your daughter will be a switch-hitter when she grows up. But seriously, how difficult is it to teach a right-handed hitter with good speed how to slap? And at what age should those who want to learn how to slap begin?

Glenn Moore: It is difficult to teach a right-handed hitter how to slap once they have finished high school. However, at the early stages of high school and junior varsity, kids with speed should experiment with hitting and slapping from the left side.

Bernell: I know you are very proud of the softball stadium at Baylor. How are the home crowds there and have you seen an increase in fan support in general over the past few years?

Glenn Moore: Yes, the stadium is beautiful. It's designed to be very fan-friendly, and we just need to win to fill the seats. We are averaging nearly 400 a game, and we expect that to increase as the success of the team increases. With Olympic softball and professional softball, more athletes than ever are playing the game, therefore increasing attendance across the country.

The Weasel: What are some of your favorite collegiate softball stadiums throughout the country? And how does Getterman compare with those stadiums?

Glenn Moore: Fresno State, Texas, Florida, and Alabama rank in the top five with Baylor, but I honestly feel that Baylor is at the top of that list.

Susan Hughes: Hi Coach Moore......We miss you here in Louisiana,but know that Baylor was a great opportunity for you and your family.How important do feel it is to have a coach calling pitches rather than the catcher,or the pitcher herself?

Glenn Moore: There is constant debate over who should call the pitches. My personal philosophy is to call the pitches myself, until I've developed the confidence in the catcher. We have access to all the information on each hitter, and it also takes pressure off the catcher and allows her to perform at a higher level. It also discourages pitcher-catcher conflict.

Jim Wright: How long did you play with the King and his Court? Is Eddie Feigner still active? And how fast was (is?) your fastball?

Glenn Moore: Hi Jim - I played three years with the King and His Court. Eddie is still active, after suffering a stroke in October, he plans to make yet another run at it this year. I was clocked in the low 80s in my prime, and I still throw that "hard", but it just doesn't go as fast.

Jason: How has the support been of your booster club this year and how important is that in the success of your program?

Glenn Moore: The booster club (the Diamond Club) is very important to the success of a program on the rise. We had a goal of 60 members this year, and we reached that before our first game. Our membership is above 90 now. The booster club provides financial support as well as physical support. Next year, we will host two tournaments, which will be run by our booster club. We have had great attendance at our luncheons, and we're very excited about the enthusiasm in the community.

Geauxbears: How has your young male assistant done this season for you at first base? Does he have a future in coaching?

Glenn Moore: Coach Kuhlmeyer is one of the hardest working, enthusiastic coaches in the profession. He's turned down several jobs to remain a part of our program, and I am very pleased with the work he has done.

Jim Wright: Coach, It sounds like you are bringing in a very strong recruiting class this year. I would think that your track record, along with the facilities at Baylor would enable us to recruit against virtually anybody. What schools are you competing against out there on the recruiting trail?

Glenn Moore: The state of Texas is always been a major focus in recruiting for us, even at LSU. We will continue to recruit Texas hard. However, we will recruit the entire nation, and as you said, with what we have to offer from an education standpoint, as well as a commitment to the sport (evident in the facilities), we will go head to head with anyone.

At this point in time, supply doesn't meet the demand, so many times we find ourselves recruiting the same players. Baylor is a different type of school, so we are looking for student-athletes who have exactly what we need.

Jim Wright: Another novice question here...why are the infields dirt instead of grass...optional or NCAA rule?

Glenn Moore: The NCAA, years ago, decided to make dirt fields mandatory for all postseason play, feeling that that would give teams a more consistent surface throughout their season. Louisiana Tech still has grass, but is the only field that I am aware of that does not have a dirt infield.

Susan Hughes: Donnie wanted me to ask your opinion about pitch calling. Do you feel that this skill can be learned with practice, or do some coaches just have a knack for reading batters and making good pitch selections?

Glenn Moore: I definitely feel that it can be taught. I feel that through years of experience, I have become much better at calling pitches. It's basically a matter of finding holes in swings, and then developing a pitcher who can throw it there.

Mike: What would you say has been the team's strongest area this season?

Glenn Moore: Joni Miller (pitcher) and Ryan Stukel (catcher). They have worked very well together, and have kept us in nearly every game, giving our offense a chance to win.

Geauxbears: Coach Moore, I have to go. Just wanted to say that you are missed here in BR. Take care of Chris for me and keep teaching him all that you know!! Can't wait to be there! You have done an amazing job so far this season!! Geaux Bears!!!

Glenn Moore: Thanks for the support, Shelly. I will take care of Chris.

Jim Wright: Anything still on the wish list as far as facilities? I have heard that the offices and locker rooms should be ready to go by June. Anything else that needs to be addressed?

Glenn Moore: As you know, Baylor is a private institution, so all funds are donated. Our offices will be finished by June 8, but we still need to furnish them. That will be our main focus over the summer.

The Weasel: Assistant Mark Lumley is the only coach on your staff that does not have a Louisiana background. How did you lure him from the softball-haven state of Arizona?

Glenn Moore: Mike Candrea of the University of Arizona is a good friend of mine. He recommended Mark, and after interviewing him, and many prayers, I hired him. He is a tremendous coach/recruiter, but is also one of the best people I know. I am very fortunate to have him as a part of this staff. He, too, has passed up several attractive job offers to remain a part of this staff.

Bernell: Take Care Glenn and Congratulations on a great first far....more to come I know. Aunt Cindy says, "Hi" from Liberty.

Glenn Moore: Thanks Bernell - tell Aunt Cindy hello.

Mike: Joni has had a great season. What types of things do you look for when recruiting pitchers?

Glenn Moore: Competitive spirit, ball movement and speed changes.

Bernell: Glenn's best pitch has always been his "drop/rise". Glenn, who will y'all be playing in the Big 12 tournament?

Glenn Moore: It's unsure, but it looks like it will be Texas Tech or Kansas in the first round.

Jim Wright: Coach Moore, When you were first hired at Baylor, there was some talk that your ace at LSU was going to transfer here. Did that happen (has she been sitting out this year) or did she change her mind? Please comment on that if you can.

Glenn Moore: I had two aces at LSU - Brittany Sneed and Ashley Lewis. Both chose to remain at LSU, and are doing very well.

Glenn Moore: Thanks to all the fans who have supported the Lady Bears in the 2001 season. I hope I get a chance to meet each of you. Take care and God bless!



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