Softball Update From Panama

Aug. 4, 2011


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"Winging It"

Yesterday started off bright and early at 3:00 a.m. We ran into some obstacles before we ever left the parking lot--Jacey's (Coach Moore's daughter) passport was nowhere to be found. So the Moore's drove themselves to Houston and the rest of us headed to the airport. Everything went pretty smooth with check in and security, we just cut it a little close. Coach Moore and his wife stayed behind to get the kid's passports all figured out, and they flew in this morning to join us on the island tonight.

We leave this morning for the Island, and I have to say the excitement is overflowing. Everyone is curious as to what will happen when we get there. We are taking an interesting approach to this trip, something I like to call, "winging it". Our families might raise concern of this mindset in a foreign country... BUT we have an intangible trust in the path that has been set for this week. Through the trifles we've already faced, there is no bit of panic or concern amongst the group. Our focus is solely on love and how to spread it. The whole team is so ready to play with and love on the people of the Ailiganda Island. We brought all kinds of activities, frisbees, soccer balls, basketballs and coloring books!! We are SO excited to be here.

Anyways, we will be on the island until Sunday and we have tried to let go of our own personal expectations and wants in order to just let God take over. We can't thank all of our supporters and followers enough for the prayers, donations and love you've provided that's allowing us to be here. Because of you we're able to have this incredible experience. Continue to pray for us to find the courage to open our hearts and minds completely to whatever comes our way. We can feel that the next few days will be some of the best we've ever had!

Sic 'Em!
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