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Baylor Volleyball Brazil Mission Trip Preview

For the ninth consecutive year, Baylor student-athletes, coaches, and trainers will be heading out as part of a Sports Ministry Mission Team to share the love of Christ and serve ministry partners by using the International language of sport. This week, 42 Baylor student-athletes and five staff from seven different sports will be going back to Maceio, Brazil to work with Igreja Batista no Trapiche- the Maceio Baptist church that has an amazing ministry to children and families in the largest local favella (or slum). The team will be doing daily programs and sports clinics in local schools, and working with the church after-school program to teach specific sports skills and share their faith. This will culminate with a big event at the end of the week in the local professional soccer stadium and a big youth outreach and worship at Igreja Batista no Trapiche.

Another element of the mission is the work our football players will be doing with a local team, the Maceio Merichais, who over the past two years of our work together have gone from "worst to first" getting to play at the end of last season in the championship game at the Pele Stadium in Maceio (The first American Football game ever played there!) The most exciting part has been the spiritual transformation of so many of the players who now attend and even help serve at Igreja Batista.

We will treasure your prayers as we seek to say "Yes" to God and allow Him to work in and through us in any way He desires!

We are so grateful for the many of you who helped to make this possible through your generosity, help, and prayers. We'll look forward to keeping you informed on what's happening as best we can each day!

Giv'em heaven!

Wes Yeary
Baylor Sports Ministry

2017 Brazil Sports Ministry Team Roster
Alexsis Amrhein, A&T
Anatalia Ashcroft, T&F
Tierra Barber, Staff
Camryn Bryant, A&T
Madison Chenoweth, EQ
Natalie Chou, WBB
Makenah Cotner, A&T
Jacqueline Crowther, SOC
Aline De Lima, SOC
Hannah Fluegel, VB
Haley Foster, SOC
Camryn Freiberg, VB
Alicia Gasser, EQU
Molly Gibbons, A&T
Katelyn Horstmann, A&T
Samantha Howell, EQ
Madeline Johnson, EQ
Quan Jones, FB
Dalton Justice, FB
Jarrod Koym, FB
Patrick Lawrence, FB
Ariel Leach, SOC
Johanna Lee, SOC
Amanda Lesikar, VB
Gisella Mendoza, A&T
Eva Morrison, T&F
Blake Murphy, FB
Katy Parsons, T&F
Ted Phipps, Dr./Alum
Julia Rodriguez, EQ
Victoria Rydelski, Csoc
Wyatt Schrepfer, FB
Hannah Schumacher, A&T
Caitlin Schwartz, SOC
Kim Scott, Leader
Halee Sowinski, SOC
Sommer Stanley, SOC
Allison Steele, A&T
Shani Thompson, Trainer
Kristy Wallace, WBB
Lindsay Walton, TF
Camryn Wendlandt, SOC
David Wetzel, FB Coach
Trevor White, FB
Tara Wulf, VB
John Yeary, Leader
Taylor Young, FB

Pray for the entire Baylor Athletics Brazil ministry team as they travel to Brazil. Make sure you check out the mission trip blog over the next week and a half.

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