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Oct. 2, 2007

What are your post college ambitions?

Well right now I am in Grad school and I am getting my masters, so I haven't really decided; it is kind of up in the air. I am going to do an internship soon and I hope to do it with a sports team, maybe the Mavs; I want to go to Dallas. In the sports management field there lots of options so I will have lots to choose from.


What is your greatest Baylor Volleyball memory?

Playing at Nebraska, well for one thing beating Nebraska; we were the only team to take a win off their record last year, so that was nice. Also at Nebraska they have around 6,000 fans and they will clap for you if you make a good play. They are a great crowd and are really nice.


What has been your biggest individual challenge this year?



Learning leadership within the team and learning your role on the team. And not only learning your role but taking it on and owning it.


What have you learned in your sport that you will carry with you in your future job?

You have to put everything into what you are working at, all your energy, because if that is all you're doing at the moment you might as well be all there.


Why did you choose to come to Baylor?

I really liked the team when I came here. I went on a lot of school visits but I liked the girls here you could tell they were very close knit. I liked the people on campus as well, they were very hospitable and I felt like I could be myself. I also just love Texas since it is my home state; the southern comfort here is wonderful.


If you were asked to give some words of advice to an incoming player what would they be?

Stay true to yourself and give it all you've got because it goes by really fast. You're going to learn a lot and go through trials and challenges but you will get through them. In the end you will have the friendships you have made on the team and you will carry those with you your whole life. So make those relationships important to you and just have fun playing volleyball.

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