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Sic 'Em Bears & Bear Claw

In 1960, Baylor's yell leaders introduced the "Bear Claw" hand signal, made by slightly curving all five fingers inward to form a claw, and the "Sic 'Em Bears" yell. The initial reaction to the new traditions from students and faculty was mixed.

The issue was a topic of heated debate on campus, and the use of both the hand signal and yell was sporadic until Grant Teaff arrived as Baylor's head football coach in 1972. Teaff initiated a new era of Baylor football, and the "Bear Claw" and "Sic 'Em Bears" yell came to symbolize pride in Baylor athletics.

In addition to being used during the yell, the "Bear Claw" is held up during the performance of Baylor's school song, "That Good Old Baylor Line." Football players traditionally hold up their helmets during the playing of the school song.

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